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It's Blake and Cristal's first Thanksgiving together but it's far from traditional, just like their marriage. 

Blake makes it a point to continue with family traditions, the most important being the family football game where the Carrington's face off against the staff.

Just like every year the staff, which is led by Culhane, cream the Carrington's but this year, Fallon isn't allowed in the celebrations because she's still being kept at arm's length for leaking Cristal's sex-tape. 

Not wanting to spend Thanksgiving alone, she turns to Colby to see if she can join him and his sister in the Bahamas, not knowing that he made the whole thing up and was actually going to visit his father in prison. 

Instead, Fallon heads to the church knowing that Culhane will be there because that's where he volunteers every year. 

She meets his parents who assume she's the mystery guest coming for dinner. The real mystery girl is his new squeeze Kori so things get a bit awkward between the former lovers after that.

But when Fallon finds out that Culhane has been lying about his position within the company to make his parents proud, they put the drama behind them and give friendship another try. 

As they wrap up on volunteer work for the day, he encourages her to go back home. 

But things back at the Carrington mansion aren't going any better. 

Claudia, who was caught taking the wrong prescription last week, overheard Sam and Cristal talking about the nurse she fired. 

Knowing that she had been caught, she kicked her revenge plan into high gear. She lured Sam into the gun room and knocked him out with a pistol, then locked Anders in the wine cellar.

Since the rest of the staff had been dismissed for the holidays, she knew that no one would bear witness to whatever she was about to do. 

So there they were, three Carrington's and a gun-wielding scorned ex-lover. 

Claudia's plan might have worked but unfortunately, she failed to account for Fallon, who surprised everyone by returning home after remembering that Matthew once told her his wife was an engineer. 

Piece-by-piece everything began making falling into place. 

After the car accident, Claudia did lose her memory but it didn't last long. Soon enough she realized Matthew was having an affair and faked her illness to lock him down.

When he was still going to leave, she used her engineering skills to rig the truck that killed him.

Then, she used the "sick" alibi to weasel her way into Cristal and Blake's life. She deliberately got into the tub with Blake hoping that she would seduce Cristal's husband like she seduced Matthew. 

Finally, Fallon, Cristal and Blake were able to find an opening and take Claudia down.

Blake told her she was going to an institution and tried to "take care of it" by calling in a favor with Stansfield but Steven, who knew that Stansfield was shady, decided to get to the bottom of the truth.

He called Colby for help in his takedown.

After such an eventful Thanksgiving, Blake realized that family was what really mattered to him and proposed that he and Cristal try to have a baby. 

While things were heating up in the bedroom, the bad guys from Cristal's past were at the food truck looking for her by her birth name, Celia Machado. 

Vera, the food truck girl who helps her send money back to her sister, called to warn her never to come back again. 

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