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The Carrington's take it back to 80s for the Annual Carrington Foundation Gala. 

The timing couldn't be worse considering the media spotlight is on the whole family, specifically Steven, who is being accused of Matthew's murder. 

Cristal suggests canceling the gala but both Fallon and Blake agree that it would make them look bad. Or worse, guilty. 

Fallon has her own motivations for wanting the gala to happen, specifically to poach some more of daddy's business partners. 

She's still hurt that her father gave her hard-earned position of COO to his trophy wife Cristal. 

Things only get worse when he sends her new company with enemy Jeff Colby a cease and desist for using the trademarked Carrington name.

She wanted to play with the big dogs and Blake is biting back. 

And he knows that if there's one thing Fallon wants more than the COO title it's the Carrington name. 

Michael tries to convince Fallon to drop this vendetta against her father. He believes she already has all the tools to succeed but she's so hellbent on revenge, she doesn't listen to him.

She begs him for some "front seat intel" but he refuses; not only is it illegal but he's also jealous of her relationship with Colby.

Fallon insists that there is nothing going on between them and that it is strictly professional, but there's definitely some chemistry between them. 

Colby denies it to her face, but when he walks in on her hooking up with Michael, he drowns his sorrows in prostitutes and liquor. 

Michael instead shares the information that Blake stole Matthew's phone from evidence with Steven, who could benefit from it since he needs some kind of alibi for the morning of the murder. 

Sammy refuses to go on record explaining that his past indiscretions would only make the situation worse for him. 

Eventually, Fallon gives up on trying to find the phone, which she was hoping to use against her dad.

Cristal's been having a hard time adjusting to her new lifestyle, especially when she realizes her personal credit card has been canceled.

Anders reveals merged all her money with Blake's millions for "total transparency."

Blake wants this marriage to be free of secrets since that's what ruined his first marriage to Alexis. 

Unfortunately, this isn't good news for Cristal who needs 10 thousand dollars, plus interest, to help her sister in Venezuela.

Through flashbacks, we see that the sisters made some shady deals 12-years-ago in order to find a way into America. 

Cristal was able to escape but her sister never showed up to hitch the ride. It seems she's still paying the price for that. 

For most of the gala, Cristal contemplates stealing a pricey necklace, which was auctioned off to Colby for 10  million dollars. 

When Sammy finds out that she has run into some "problems" with sending the funds to save his mama, he takes matters into his own hands. 

During the gala, Blake is attacked when he walks in on a robbery in his bedroom. 

Steven comes to his father's aid, but the robber manages to get away. 

With Cristal's blessing, Blake uses this as an opportunity to make up with his son. 

He promises that after he clears the murder charges, he'll allow him to continue doing "good" in the world by running the Carrington Foundation. 

Sammy admits to Cristal that he orchestrated the robbery to score the cash.

Blake is furious when he finds out that during the robbery, Matthew's phone, the same one he swore to Steven he returned to evidence, has also been stolen. 

He tells Anders if the footage that's on the phone gets out, it could ruin the Carrington name.

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