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With a murder and robbery investigation still underway at the Carrington mansion, Cristal plans a mini-Honeymoon for her and Blake on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 4. 

But she quickly learns that Blake hates surprises as much as he hates being away from cell service. 

The newlyweds are forced to cut the trip short when Cristal realizes a sex tape of her and Matthew was leaked to the press without her consent. 

Cristal wasn't even aware this sex tape existed because Blake never told her about stealing Matthew's phone from evidence. 

The phone was swiped when Sammy staged the robbery to get money to send his mother in Venezuela.

When his friend saw the "Kardashian-style" tape, he realized it someone would fork up a lot of money for it.

And who wouldn't want that kind of pay day?

Since it was all Sammy's fault, he knew he was responsible for cleaning up the mess.

He came partially clean to Steven, admitting that he knew who robbed the house.

Obviously, Steven wanted to protect all parties involved so he called up Stansfield, his father's detective. 

Then they hatched a plan; Sammy would get the phone back and give his friend the money. Then Stansfield would arrest his friend and get back Steven's $200,000. 

During this, Fallon convinced Steven to negotiate his freedom in exchange for the phone. If Stansfield gave the FBI another suspect, Steven would be off the hook for the murder and Matthew's family would finally get their closure. 

But Steven didn't realize that meant more blood on his hands. 

After the tape leaked, Willy called Steven to tell him that the tape gave Blake motive to kill his ex-wife's lover.

And he wouldn't stop until he proved it.

Steven rushed over to his place but unfortunately found Willy dead.

According to Stansfield, the Carrington employee "committed suicide" and left behind a note.

It was painfully obvious that Stansfield killed Willy to clear Steven's name.

Then on top of it all, Sammy confessed to being the one behind the robbery. 

Meanwhile, Fallon was riding her high horse hoping to poach a green utility contract from her father's company. 

She took a meeting with the city council, a girl named Kori, who she failed to recognize as a high school classmate that she bullied.

Kori cared about her city and refused to get involved in a Carrington family feud. Plus, she didn't really trust Fallon. 

Still, Jeff believed he could charm Kori into giving them another chance, given Fallon would pull through and present the cast.

But, when it came down to it Fallon let him down, botching the negotiations because she was too focused on taking a swipe at her step-mother. 

Culhane also overheard her deny that he was her boyfriend so he hit it off with Kori, who ended up in his bed the next morning when he told Fallon to "figure out why she's so messed up."

As Fallon dealt with her "mommy issues," Blake and Cristal promised each other that there would be no more secrets. 

But even then, Cristal was still hiding who she really was. 


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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Fallon: Hey, the best thing mom ever taught us is what we learned when she left: you can only rely on yourself. And me.

You pick and choose your lies like you do your men.