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Jeff Colby survived the gunshot and the subsequent head-on collision with a truck, however, he isn't pleased to wake up in a makeshift hospital room at the Manor. 

Monica informs Fallon that she needs to vent her frustrations to Culhane, the man who has been lying to her and almost got Colby killed.

Culhane assures Fallon that he told her everything about Ada and the blackmail, though he conveniently left out that he continued to work for Ada even after he got the blackmail back. 

A fact Colby leveraged after surviving his brush with death and leaving the hospital. 

After Fallon is informed of Culhane's deceit, she wonders if she should put her reputation on the line to help him out of this mess. 

She decides to go through with blackmailing Nico, with the help of her ex-fake husband, Liam, who isn't pleased to see her at his doorstep. 

Nico accepts her bribe to never mention Michael Culhane to the FBI. Culhane is overjoyed that Fallon "took care of it," however, she informs him that they're over. The marriage is off because she can no longer trust him.

Shortly after the break-up, Culhane receives a call from his mother about a robbery. 

Fallon, on the other hand, heads to Liam's apartment to give him another chance only to find a blonde clad in lingerie answering the door. 

She informs Fallon that Liam is in the shower and that they are going on vacation together. 

Meanwhile, Cristal grapples with telling Blake the news of her pregnancy. 

She confides in Sammy Jo that she doesn't want Blake to see her as a gold-digger since the timing is so off.

Eventually, Blake finds the test after it has fallen out of Cristal's purse. 

His reaction is unclear at first, but he later grabs a mic at the foundation fundraiser and tells the crowd his family is expanding. 

That night, Cristal texts a contact in her phone saved as M. Jennings to tell them that she believes the baby is Blake's. 

Sammy is served divorce papers from Steven, who was reportedly on an ayahuasca retreat in the jungles of Paraguay. 

He repeatedly calls him and leaves him voicemails, but eventually gives up. 

At the fundraiser, he begins hooking up with an old friend when Fallon stumbles in. 

She slaps Sammy in front of the guests and orders him never to cheat on her brother. 

In the middle of the night, Sammy gets a call from Steven who tells him to ignore the divorce papers because he wasn't in the right state of mind when he sent them. 

However, Steven isn't in a jungle and probably not even in Paraguay. Instead, he's sitting in a fancy restaurant. 


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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Blake: Believe me, there was no other choice.
Monica: You, Blake, should never start a sentence with believe me.

I guess that's what love is. Doing things you don't want to for people who don't quite deserve it.