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Fallon is planning her big day by bringing Pinterest boards to life, but Michael doesn't seem to be feeling it. 

He gets pulled away from all the planning by Ada, who needs him to do one final run for her. 

The mission is essentially simple -- pick up some antiques and bring them to her. 

However, the antiques aren't exactly legal, and when the paperwork doesn't match up, the officer asks to see what's inside the trunks.

Michael's counterpart tells him he'll "take care" of the guy, so Michael jumps into action to play the racism card. 

When he tells the officer he's going to expose him, the officer lets them through. 

Ada is impressed with Michael's skills, and even more so when he defends her from the other henchman. 

She keeps her word and turns over the blackmail she has on Fallon, but offers him a full-time job as she "sees potential" in him. 

Still wedding planning, Fallon realizes she wants her wedding at Swan House, the same place her grandmother got married. 

Unfortunately, a Southern Socialite named Mimi Rose Prescott has already booked the venue for the same date.

Fallon turns to her mother for help since Alexis used to be friends with Mimi. 

They set up a tea-time in hopes of swaying Mimi into changing venues. When that doesn't work, Fallon vows to leverage the Carrington name and tries to buy the whole venue. 

Alexis tells her to step back and let her handle it, but eventually, Fallon learns that her mother is sabotaging her in hopes of getting into Mimi's good graces and climbing the social ladder at Peachtree Society. 

As Fallon tries on wedding dresses, she teams up with Cristal to call her mother out on being selfish. 

Alexis admits she was just trying to regain her socialite status, however, when she observes Fallon getting too close to Cristal, she decides to prove she's a good mother after all. 

She waits for Mimi outside of a boutique and then purposefully reverses into her as she's leaving. 

Of course, Alexis makes it look like an accident, but Mimi has to postpone her wedding freeing up the venue. 

However, Fallon doesn't even want the venue anymore as something Cristal said really resonated and she's having the wedding at the Manor instead. 

Sammy and his new babysitter Manny bond over Little Black. He's lonely without Steven so he's looking for some comfort, but when Manny makes a move on him, he backs out and fires him. 

As he's looking at wedding pictures with Alexis, he realizes crazy Claudia was at his wedding. 

Alexis puts the pieces together and realizes baby Hank is Claudia's son. 

Shortly after, Anders informs Sammy that Little Blake is missing. 

Blake is on a mission to find the perfect engagement gift for Cristal who assures him she doesn't want anything but his love. 

Unable to not spend his money, Blake observes her love for soccer and buys her a whole soccer team that's up-and-coming in Atlanta. 

When he surprises her, he tells her this is their "family's team" which they will coach. 

Cristal looks less-than-thrilled. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

The whole antebellum thing is giving me "Get Out" vibes.


You know, Blake's pantalones may tighten at the taught of you now, but in time, they're going to deflate.