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Fallon's publishing dynasty, Femperial, is suffering an image problem after she aligned herself with her father's soccer team, Atlantix. 

Blake's public image is that of an abuser and Femperial empowers women who have been victims of abuse. 

Her biggest author, JC, is even threatening to pull out. 

Kirby warns Fallon that she needs to make a choice, but Fallon assumes she knows better, as always, and tells her she'll handle it. 

Fallon decides to get a statement from Cristal and informs the press that she wanted them to know Blake has never been abusive towards her. 

But during the press conference, three women working for Atlantix accuse women of assault in the workplace.

Fallon erupts in anger, but Blake blames it on his "temper."

Fallon tells him she's selling back her shares of Atlantix to save her company, but he begs her to stay and be co-owner of the team with her because he can't trust anyone. 

Fallon is intrigued by the proposition as she's always wanted to build a dynasty with her father. 

She asks Liam about what she should do, but he tells her that he'll support her no matter what. 

During her hectic day, Fallon receives a letter, planted by Adam, that details how Liam has a ten-year-old child. 

She confronts him about it hoping it's a hoax, but Liam confirms that it's true; he gave up the child for adoption.

After the initial shock, Fallon accepts Liam's past and tells him about her biggest secret: the night she accidentally killed her best friend, Trixie. 

Both the girls were drunk, Trixie was trying to drive home, Fallon wanted to stop her, and Trixe fell over the banister and into the foyer. 

She told Anders who "took care of it."

Of course, while she's telling Liam, Adam is listening around the corner. 

Liam and Fallon take the rowboat on a little "Notebook" inspired ride, and Fallon proposes in the middle of the Carrington lake. 

Liam enthusiastically says 'hell yes' and in their excitement, the ring flies overboard. 

When Adam hears of it, he orders scuba divers to come scour the lake to find the ring. 

Anders is in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. 

Kirby and Sammy both encourage him to rest, but he's adamant about getting back to the Carrington Manor to help Blake with everyday tasks. 

Eventually, Kirby lays it out straight: Blake didn't even come to see him at the hospital. 

She informs him that Blake "doesn't care about" him, he "needs" him. 

Anders decides to take a job at Sammy Jo's new hotel.

Liam realizes that Adam was the one who informed Fallon about his secret child. 

He tells him to back off and as he's walking away, Adam slams him in the head with a potted plant and pulls him inside the pool closet. 

After Liam regains consciousness, he breaks out of the closet. Still loopy from getting hit, he falls into the pool face-down.

Fallon learns that her father is having a secret wedding to Cristal and realizes their break-up was a sham. 

She rushes over to Culhane's apartment to tell him and orders him to burn the $5 million Cristal gave him because it's a "set-up."

Then, she crashes the wedding and calls her father out. 

Blake is amused and admits they planted more bags of money in Culhane's office just in case he figured out the plan. 

All the cash ties back to Ada Stone, which makes it seem like she paid Culhane to blackmail Blake causing him to extort the senator. 

He plans to clear his name while incriminating Culhane and making it look like Fallon did it. 

And sure enough, the FBI arrives at Culhane's place with a search warrant and to arrest him.

The wedding drama is interrupted when they find two bodies in the lake, one belonging to a man, possibly the man who Blake believed killed Mark Jennings, and another to Trixie. 

Fallon feels the ground falling under her, but at least she has Femperial. Or so she thought. 

She sold Femperial to Kirby for $1 and now, Kirby doesn't want to sell it back because she found out Fallon told Culhane to break-up with her because she "doesn't know what she wants." 

On top of it, Anders tells Blake that he's done working for him. 

Meanwhile, Colby is skipping town after faking his own death and attempting to frame Adam Carrington.

After Colby found out the paint in the walls gave him neurotoxicity, a non-curable disease in which his brain cells are turning against each other causing cognitive dysfunction, he decided to get revenge. 

He made sure everyone at Atlantix saw his fight with Adam. 

Adam was provoked and threw an object shattering a glass wall. 

He then smeared his own blood around his car and left a cufflink with AC engraved on it. 

He was sure his plan would work, but Dominique ensured that it would fail. 

She promised to get rid of her son so that Blake would re-up his monthly payments to her. 

While on the crime scene, she removed the AC cufflink thus ruining Colby's plan and rendering his disappearance pointless. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

And God help me, but has he ever touched you in a not-so-friendly, Big Little Lies sort of way?


Liam: It's nice to see you smiling again.
Fallon: It's nice to be back on top.
Liam: That's what said. Last night, in fact.
Fallon: She did, but I was talking about Femperial.