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Fallon threw herself a pity party after being brutally rejected by Liam in the previous episode. 

In true Fallon fashion, feeling sorry for herself consisted of lounging in bed in a silk robe, drinking martinis, and listening to a live band play a sappy song over and over. 

The only thing that snapped Fallon out of her funk was a reporter who came to profile her for a piece focusing on the day-to-day life of Fallon. 

Initially, Fallon wanted Anders to send the reporter away, but she came to her senses and decided to use it to her advantage. 

Sadly, she didn't have much to offer him as she wasn't doing much "boss babe" stuff these days. 

When the reporter began to pry about how she's handling her break-up with Culhane, she suggested throwing a dinner for all of them that night. 

Culhane obviously wasn't interested in dining with his ex to save her vanity and was furious that she still assumed he'd be at her beck and call. 

When the reporter overheard their fight, he surmised that he had everything he needed for the article about the "hot mess" Fallon had become. 

In an effort to save face, Fallon invited him to her launch party that night at the Colby Club where she'd introduce her new business venture. 

The reporter's interest was piqued, but given that Fallon didn't actually have a new business venture, this was shaping up to be a disaster.

Meanwhile, Sammy was trying to re-invent himself into becoming the kind of man Steven would want to be with. 

Since Steven was extending his (fake) trip in South America, Sammy began to assume that he was the problem. 

He decided he was too materialistic and hired an Insta-guru, Lady Monk, who helped him "cleanse" his closet of all the expensive belongings including Gucci. Kirby was not happy about that. 

When a toga-wearing Sammy gave Kirby's Game Night invite away to Lady Monk, Kirby decided to do some research into this woman.

What she found was Lady Monk wasn't a spiritual mentor at all -- she was a flat-out con-artist. 

We didn't need Kirby to tell us that because it was evident that Lady Monk had set her sights on Fallon at Game Night. 

She approached Fallon who was stalling her reporter to pitch her "self-help" book which the reporter just ate up. 

Fallon played along, even when Lady Monk mentioned a sizeable donation from Fallon to the business venture. 

When the reporter went to contact his editor, Kirby exposed Lady Monk for what she really was -- someone preying on vulnerable people. 

Obviously, the reporter arrived just in time to hear Lady Monk call Fallon a fraud. 

Finding out that Fallon didn't have a new business venture proved that she wasn't at the top of her game and thus the scathing article about a businesswoman fallen from grace. 

Fallon finally admitted that she wasn't doing fine after Liam's rejection. 

Blake, who had been working on building up his soccer team with Culhane, offered Fallon a gig, much to Culhane's dismay. 

Through Alexis' devious plan, Blake also found out that Cristal wasn't sure who her baby daddy was. 

Cristal swabbed Fallon's mouth for Carrington DNA. She asked the maid to send out the swabs, however, Alexis manipulated the gardener into trailing Cristal and unearthing her big, dark secret. 

When she saw the DNA test, she knew she had to somehow expose Cristal to Blake. 

When Blake got the phone call about a contaminated DNA sample, he confronted Cristal who admitted to having a one-night stand with her ex-husband, Mark Jennings. 

Alexis' gardener tracked down Mark so expect to see him at the Manor very soon. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Oh, this will work. Seems like our little angel has been spreading her wings in more than one bed, hasn't she?


Sam: Food is just fuel. It doesn't need to be anything more.
Kirby: I get it. But I think actual fuel might taste better.