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We pick up right where we left off with Liam waltzing into Fallon's office after finding out she purchased the publishing house that was going to publish his book. 

Fallon swears it was a coincidence and that she knew nothing about the book, but Liam doesn't believe her. 

She informs him she doesn't intend to publish his book either way because Fempirical is all about female empowerment. 

However, when she realizes she's going to have to dish out a $6 million dollar payout for not following through on ihs book, she decides to phase him out by being so annoying, he quits. 

Liam picks up on Fallon's tactics and doesn't budge. 

That is until Fallon hijacks his press day for an author she wants to sign. 

Liam calls Fallon out for judging his book without even reading it, but Fallon assures him she read it and it was still 'trash.'

The statement really hurts Liam who admits that he thought Fallon would be one of the only people to enjoy it. 

Clearly affected by her fight with Liam, Fallon goes home to read the book and realizes it's all about their relationship. 

She visits him to apologize and informs him that Fempirical will be signing his book after all. 

As they exchange flirty glances, Liam tells her that he and Ashley broke up. 

Fallon also scores a win when the author she and Kirby were persuing agrees to sign with them. 

When a random drug test threatens one of Atlantix's players, Blake and Adam devise a plan to switch out the urine samples. 

Though successful, Colby, who has been suspicious of both Blake and Adam, catches them in the act and even has a video recording of the swap happening. 

He vows to take down Blake after learning he bought the land from under him and establishes his pull as co-owner by throwing a pre-season party for the team. 

At the party, he tells Blake that he's called the League Commissioner to talk to him about the video.

Yet when the Commissioner arrives, he commends Blake on his team and tells Colby the evidence wasn't compelling enough. 

Turns out, Adam pulled some strings and got the Commisioner's son an internship with the team in exchange for their cooperation. 

Colby is so fed up with Blake gettng away with everything when Culhane informs him that there's a 10 million dollar gap in the budget which he believes Blake used for money laundering.

The two devise a plan to catch Blake and get rid of him. 

Meanwhile, Alexis undergoes a successful face transplant and reveals her new face.

Gasp, she looks JUST like Fallon. 

Wait, is that Fallon?

Culhane and Kirby's relationship sped up as they couldn't ignore the chemistry anymore and kissed in his office and then again, at Colby Club. 

Kirby promised Culhane she would tell Fallon about their relationship, but since the two of them just established a healthy friendship, she didn't want to undermine it by stealing her ex-fiancee. 

Monica Colby outed them by sending a photo of their makeout session to Fallon. 

And though initially angry about it, Fallon realized that she cherished her newfound friendship with Kirby and gave them her blessing. 

The only thing she was upset about is that Kirby didn't tell her. Friends tell each other everything. 

Cristal has been on edge ever since her brother left town and she tells Sammy it's because her father has put a target on their backs. 

She comes clean to Blake and tries to warn him about her father's wrath but he shakes her off. 

Eventually, Sammy drugs Blake's driver and draws a family crest on the windshield of his car to convince Blake that the threat is real. 

Blake understands the legitimacy of her fears and agrees to increase security around the manor. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Okay, I am doing something with my life. And I assure you, I don't want Liam Ridley or John Southside to have any part in it. Nice porn name, by the way.


Fallon: I am not working with Liam, Kirby. You were in Sun Valley.
Kirby: Where you made a mockery of your dignity, self-esteem, and feminism in general? Yes, I was there.