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Adam Carrington remains by his mother's side as she wakes up in the hospital after "having one too many and accidentally falling face first into the fire."

Both Blake and Fallon believe the story Adam feeds them so they don't spend too much time concerned about Alexis' safety. 

Jeff Colby visits Alexis in the hospital and offers to move her to his hospital.

Alexis agrees, but when Adam gets wind of it, he pushes brings in all of Alexis' belongings to make the room home-y so she stays and he can continue manipulating her. 

Colby knows something is off with his "cousin," but he can't pinpoint it just yet. 

By the end of the episode, Alexis is wheeled off to surgery and Adam makes a not-so-subtle suggestion about what her new face should look like. 

Adam doesn't just cause trouble for Alexis, he's also taking Fallon's place in Blake's life. 

Blake openly includes his son in the team business because he's trying to make up for lost time. 

When Adam admits that he's always wanted to be a team doctor, Blake makes a call to the board to reinstate his medical license. 

Then, he hires him on as an assistant to Dr. Glennon.

But being an assistant doesn't sit well with Adam, and during his 'welcome home party' at the manor, he frames Dr. Glennon with a trick pulled straight from Gossip Girl's playbook. 

Everyone at the party gets access to a shared folder containing lewd photos of all the Atlantix female employees including Fallon. 

Blake chews out Glennon in front of all the guests. As he's escorted out, he's adamant about his innocence. 

Without batting an eyelash, Blake then makes his usual speech by introducing Adam to the world, expressing his joy of working side-by-side with a family member and offers Adam the head doctor position for the team.

Fallon is fuming at this point. Not only was a scathing piece about her "downfall" published in a magazine, she lost a book deal because the publisher was using her to get to her father, and now, Blake was giving the keys over to Adam who barely deserved it.

She confronts Blake about it telling him she's worked her ass off for this family and for Blake's companies but because she's a woman, she wasn't qualified enough. 

Done playing in a man's world, Fallon purchases the publishing house where Stuart, her crummy editor, works and has all the men in the company fired.

She also appoints Kirby, her sidekick, as Millennial Content Consultant of Emperial Publishing.

Shortly after the purchase goes through, Liam walks into Fallon's office clearly upset by her decision. 

Cristal is paying the price for securing the land for Atlantix' stadium. 

After she refused to return to Mexico to pay her dad a visit, her brother Beto came to town and vowed to stay at the Carrington Mansion until she agreed to sign Mexican player Carlos Aguirre. 

Cristal approached Michael with the offer, but he was obviously suspicious as Carlos was a little too old for the league. 

She admitted that she owed her family a favor, and her father wanted them to sign Carlos so he could throw games and turn a profit. 

She promised that she wouldn't let it go that far, but Michael wasn't hearing any of it. After what he'd gone through with Ada, he wasn't about to make any shady moves again. 

While Cristal was attempting to pull some strings, Sammy Jo was in charge of babysitting Beto. 

The two went to a strip club and Beto asserted his dominance over the female dancers making Sammy Jo uncomfortable. 

Later, he realized why Beto was trying so hard to prove his masculinity when he walked in on Beto making out with a guy. 

He offered to help Beto accept himself and even suggested he forgive his sister Cristal. 

Beto told Cristal he would cover for her this time and say Carlos' visa fell through, but he did hand over a bunch of files his father had on her and the Carrington family. 

He warned that it was only a matter of time before he came for them. 

The question is, what did Cristal do to betray her family that has them so upset with her?

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

It is one thing for you to damage your own reputation, but now you're bringing down everyone with you. Make this right.


Fallon: Good thing you're just a hack. Now, get your sorry ass out of my house, now.
Ghostwriter: You have nothing to show for yourself but a string of failures and scandals. Now you want a memoir celebrating your success. Sure, I'm the hack, you're an entitled little rich bitch.
Fallon: Get out!