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Liam proposes that they go off on a vacation so that they can finally have sex, but Fallon is too focused on taking down her deranged brother, Adam.

Liam encourages her to be the better person and take the high road, but when Fallon attempts and fails to convince her father that Adam tried to sabotage her company by leaking photos, she kicks things up a notch. 

When she realizes Liam isn't on board with her "take down Adam" plans, she tells him Adam slept with his mother, which quickly motivates him. 

They make a plan to steal and leak Atlantix medical records, but Adam outsmarts them by having cameras installed in his office. 

The only good thing to come from the botched plan is the realization that Adam's weak spot is Alexis. 

She calls Adam up to Alexis' penthouse, pretends to be her mother and scolds him for causing her so much pain.

Adam agrees to prescribe her hydrocodone for the pain, which she plans to use to drug Adam at the Atlantix launch party. 

Liam and Fallon pay off a waitress to continuously deliver food that's been laced with the drug to Adam. 

However, Adam doesn't want to eat much of anything. Eventually, he grabs a small bite and Liam and Fallon deem it a success. 

When they see that the drugs have begun working, Fallon informs her father that Adam has a pill problem. 

But it turns out, Adam was faking it this whole time. He knew Fallon faked being Alexis and prescribed her salt pills instead of hydrocodone. 

Fallon angrily tells Adam that Alexis was so scared of him, she left town. 

This riles him up and a sibling fight ensues. 

When Adam slaps Fallon in the face, Blake finally fires him. 

But as we learn later, it was all a show and Adam will continue working for Blake secretly. 

Meanwhile, the FBI forces Culhane to wear a wire that will give them evidence of Blake incriminating himself. 

When it doesn't seem to be working, Culhane warns Cristal that the FBI knows everything and that she should get out of town. 

Cristal quickly warns Blake who sets up a private meeting with the Senator whom he forced to pass the gambling bill. 

When Blake thinks he's won, the FBI raids the joint and arrests him. 

Michael was one step ahead of Blake and the Senator was wired. 

Dominique Deveraux blows into town after Jeff Colby is released from the hospital. 

Jeff welcomes his mother with open arms since he's interested in a fresh start, but Monica isn't as eager. 

When the whole family gets together for dinner, Jeff catches his mother in a lie. 

Monica confesses that Dominique was lying for her. 

Jeff offers his mother, who claims to have been too embarrassed by her professional failures to return, a check for $1 million dollars. 

The check was a test to see if Dominique would stay, and when they caught her slipping out of the house, they believed she was after their money. 

Dominique proved she wasn't since the check was already in the trash, and both children asked her to stay for a bit. 

However, Dominique wasn't entirely honest. 

She sneaks off to pick up a phone call from her husband and tells him she misses the kids and that she'll be with them soon. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Liam: How about, instead of retaliating like a savage, we take the high road.
Fallon: I don't know. I mean, I'm proud to say I've mastered the low road.
Liam: Oh no, you take the high road with Adam -- it'll be classy -- and you take the low road with me in Thailand. Savage.

Jeff: I know the results. Not to be dramatic, but I'm dying.
Monica: Jeff, get some rest. He's not, right?