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Fallon and Alexis are at odds following the revelation that Anders is Steven's biological father. 

Fallon forces her mother to move back into her "stable." 

In an effort to "find himself," Steven proposes that he and Sammy return to his roots and join his foundation efforts to build homes in Paraguay. 

Sammy is all into the idea until he realizes that there is no plumbing, no electricity, and no hotels. 

However, when Fallon tries to stop Steven, he realizes that his family only cares about himself and skips town before anyone is awake.

Fallon gathers the family and flies them out to Paraguay so they can be a united, supportive front for Steven. 

As predicted, no one in the family can handle the manual labor or sleeping in tents. 

When Kirby finds out that the family is in Paraguay to reconcile with Steven, she steals the family card and orders a lavish tent to set up shop. 

She hopes it will drive a wedge between Alexis and Steven.

And it does briefly as the family accuses her of "using them" and not caring about Steven's wants. 

Eventually, they all fly back to Atlanta. 

Shortly after, Fallon realizes Steven is always doing everything for other people and encourages him to do something for himself. 

He tells Sammy he's going back to Paraguay alone in an effort to find himself. 

Anders and Blake are at odds following the paternity reveal. Jealousy gets the best of Blake as he does everything to make Anders pay for betraying him. 

They finally hash it out when Blake admits he wasn't always faithful. 

They agree to "co-parent" Steven. 

Anders always invites Cristal Jennings back to the manor to cheer up Blake.

Michael enters a high-stakes poker game as part of his first task for Ada. 

Jeff Colby is also in attendance and when the FBI is about to raid the joint, Michael aka Mike Jones tries to save him. 

Hank continues pestering Alexis for his money though she misses the call because her phone was left behind in Paraguay. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Alexis: It was a dark time. Adam has just been kidnapped.
Fallon: Yes, we all know Adam was the lucky one.

Every time a transaction rings an angel gets her billions.