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On Dynasty Season 2 Episode 3, Blake attempts to find out more about his wife's real identity from her friend, Cristal Jennings. 

The real Cristal tells him that they met in a hospital in Mexico when Celia was volunteering. 

Hoping to fill the void, Blake asks Cristal out for dinner and spoils her with lavish gifts the way he used to spoil his ex-wife. 

He even gets the private jet to take them to Miami for dinner. 

When Cristal realizes Blake's weird motives for spending time with her, she tells him she's leaving town because it's best for the both of them. 

Sammy Jo plans to make amends with Steven by throwing him an extravagant baby shower. 

Steve isn't fond of the over-the-top decorations, but Mrs. Daniels is impressed with the idea of her baby becoming the Carrington heir. 

After her attack of Fallon, Kirby has to attend court-mandated therapy sessions.

The person behind the court order is Alexis who wants the therapist to find out just how much Kirby remembers from before the fire. 

Kirby is hesitant to give hypnosis a try, however, the therapist is adamant and soon, she remembers that her father and Alexis were covering up an affair. 

She confronts her father who realizes that Alexis blamed Kirby for the fire so she could silence her and send her away. 

During their conversation, Alexis also admits that Anders fathered one of her children. 

Kirby hacks the gender reveal party and plays the footage of Anders and Alexis chatting about the fire and their illegitimate child. 

Alexis destroys the video just before she admits to having Anders' baby and tries to convince the crowd that Kirby is a sociopath. 

Anders finally comes to his daughter's defense admitting that is telling the truth about the affair. 

After he reveals he is Steven's real father, Mrs. Daniels realizes she isn't pregnant with the Carrington heir and admits that the baby belongs to her gynecologist. 

Steven is left wounded at his own party. 

Meanwhile, Fallon tries to clean up the mess with her contract following Uncle Max's death. 

Culhane goes to New York to get the expedited contract from the lawyer while Fallon stays behind to keep up the charade and meet fake husband Liam's mother. 

His mother immediately catches that Fallon has a side-piece and blames it on her son's weak personality. 

Fallon sticks up for Liam, finally admitting that she has real feelings for him. 

She asks Liam to stay on during the "transition" period. 

Culhane confronts Ada Stone, a woman who wants $1 million dollars in exchange for the contract which she obtained from her consultant. 

Culhane tells her he won't be doing business with her, however, when she gets the full story from the escort Fallon paid off, she propositions Culhane to be her new consultant. 

If he declines, she promises to go public with the escort's testimony which would put Fallon behind bars for manslaughter. 

Reluctantly, Culhane agrees. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Are you here to apologize or just violate my dolce?

Mrs. Daniels

I'm back bitch, and I'm your problem now.