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Blake Carrington makes headline news after being arrested. 

He swears to make Jeff Colby and Culhane pay for it but first, he has to ensure that they don't succeed in using this to take ownership of Atlantix. 

He enlists Fallon's help, but she's not too interested in helping as she's trying to land a major client with potential movie rights to her own dynasty, Femperial. 

Blake is convincing as he explains that family trumps all. 

She agrees only because she's happy to be her daddy's favorite again. 

But Blake tells her that when she goes to the emergency hearing, she must bring Adam along and teach him the ropes. 

Fallon isn't pleased, especially when Adam purposefully trips and spills a scalding cup of coffee all over her outfit thus forcing her to meet her big meeting with her client, JC. 

Kirby confronts Fallon about not allowing her to cut in and make the pitch, which results in a huge fight that questions Kirby's position. 

Unsure if she's still Fallon's friend or employee, Kirby beelines for Culhane's house. 

Meanwhile, Liam notices how overwhelmed Fallon is and extends an olive branch to Kirby. 

He explains that she's too proud to admit when she's wrong and that she needs help. 

Kirby goes undercover with the publisher that Fallon fired to dig up some dirt. 

When she realizes they pay their women significantly less than their male employees, Fallon uses that to her advantage and scores JC as a client. 

Cristal realizes that Blake is planning on pinning everything on her Papa. She turns to Culhane for help, but he tells her to chat to his FBI agent if she's serious about turning on Blake. 

When Blake slams the door on Cristal's leg, she decides to leave him. 

She stops by Culhane's house to give him back the $5 million dollars Blake stole from him when he helped him with Ada. 

Culhane is grateful, but as it turns out, Cristal's been working with Blake this whole time. 

She convinced the FBI agent that Culhane has been playing them and made it seems like Blake was the victim. 

Sammy Jo inherits a significant amount of money from his divorce proceedings from Steven. 

He decides to spread the wealth by buying all the puppies in an adoption agency, treating a whole club to free drinks, and eventually, purchasing a hotel when he sees a good looking waiter, Diego, being mistreated.

He then asks the former manager to get off his property. 

Anders swings buy after hearing the news in an attempt to persuade Sammy to invest, but Sammy gets annoyed and calls Anders "just a butler.

On his way home, Anders collapses and stops breathing.

Colby vows to take down Blake and enlists his mother's help. 

However, Dominique is hiding something and confronts Blake about the failed monthly payments. 

She ensures him she kept up her end of the bargain, but Blake orders her to call off Colby if she wants to keep making money. 

Colby also learns that the staff member who painted his office experienced the same exacty symptoms. 

He deduces that the paint was poisoned and subtly calls out Adam, who doesn't seem pleased that Colby figured it out. 

Adam also sneaks into the Atlantix team office dressed head-to-toe as Fallon. 

Liam, who is setting up a romantic "first time" bedroom for Fallon, sees Adam sneaking around Fallon's bedroom. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Blake Carrington after a night in federal custody? This is definitely my new favorite show.

Jeff Colby

Don't worry sis, I won't bite. And I'm very much looking forward to working underneath you.