Making New Friends - Dynasty
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Fallon declares that she's moving on from Liam who made it clear that he doesn't remember her and doesn't want a relationship with her. 

But when Liam asks Fallon for his things back, specifically, his passport, Fallon stalls the inevitable and puts her efforts into getting Femperial back from Kirby. 

She reaches out to Evan, the brother of her late BFF Trixie, for legal help after Kirby refuses her 2-million dollar offer. 

Evan and Fallon evict Kirby from her office claiming that she may have taken Femperial, but Fallon still owns the building. 

While inside Kirby's office, Fallon learns that Kirby is looking for a new CEO, one who has an impressive resume, and Fallon goes out of her way to sabotage her by inviting Lauren to Sammy's hotel grand opening. 

She also invites a ton of Kirby's competitors and purposefully gets Kirby wasted so that she will look incompetent. 

When the CEO sees Kirby's state and all the alcohol bottles falling from her purse, she declines the position. 

However, Kirby later realizes Fallon's intentions were to get back her company so she could be near Liam and make him fall in love. 

When Evan overhears, he realizes that Fallon played him, too. 

Fallon arrives at Liam's place with a box of his things and tells him she's officially moving on to which he tells her that it's a good idea. 

She apologizes to Evan and tells him she'd like to see where their relationship goes. 

Concurrently, Liam begins sifting through the box of things and pulls out the masquerade ball mask which triggers his memories of Fallon. 

Sammy is stressing out about the grand opening party of La Mirage. 

He doesn't like the plan Anders put together because it's "boring," and adheres to a more 80s, Vegas theme. 

He ambushes Ashanti at her yoga class to convince her to play his party in exchange for an introduction to Victor, team Atlantix's newest star. 

Ashanti agrees, but the verdict on whether she'll perform is still out. 

At the party, Ashanti and Victor get along well, but she begins feeling ill after drinking a spiked drink made by La Mirage's new mixologist, Vanessa. 

Yes, Dominique's step-daughter Vanessa now works with Sammy. 

When Ashanti cannot step up and perform, Vanessa takes the stage wowing everyone. 

It's part of her big scheme with her mother, who has been playing her two kids Monica and Jeff because she wants access to their streaming service and their record label. 

Jeff, who believes his mother is trying to make amends, opens up about his cognitive functions and how they're going to start diminishing. 

Victor fails to follow Culhane's instructions and posts photos of himself on social media after attending the party. 

The men who are after him track him down that way and beat him up in the alley. 

Culhane arrives just in time, but the damage has already been done as one of them broke Victor's knee. 

Is he out of the season?

Adam is blind following a gas leak explosion at the Manor. 

He wants Blake to take care of him and refuses help from a professional therapist. 

But Nadia is persuasive, especially after she overhears Cristal proposing that they send Adam away and tells him about it. 

Nadia also promises Adam that she'll help him take down his stepmother. 

Blake is preoccupied with his upcoming court case and is trying to avoid jail at all times. 

When they put Judge Fairbanks on the stand, Cristal blackmails him into resigning. 

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This isn't over you conniving little wombat.


Right now, I'm not wowed. I'm actually un-wowed.