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The episode kicks off with Blake attempting to make breakfast cause the head of the kitchen, Mrs. Gunnerson, is sick. 

He begins inquiring about Fallon's wedding with Liam and eventually takes Liam out golfing to "get to know him better."

Since he made a deal with Laura to get Liam and Fallon to call off the wedding, he begins telling Liam all about Fallon's exes and plants the idea that Culhane is a threat. 

Kirby asks Sammy if she can get an assistant, and Sammy agrees later suggesting Ramy for the role. 

Kirby is against it, but Sammy tells her she has no choice. 

She begins training Ramy who doesn't seem to care all that much about the position, though, he proves he does understand Sammy in a way Kirby doesn't. 

Fallon learns that her employees don't have the best opinion of her, and it ruins her chances of getting a wedding dress made by her dream designer when the employee reviews go viral. 

She attempts to smooth things over and "clear the air" by going on the Love Sydney podcast, but her mother, Alexis, crashes and steals the spotlight. 

Everyone is obsessed with "Aunt Alexis" and seek advice from her. 

Liam agrees to meet up with his mother and says she can make things up to Fallon by getting her a meeting with her dream designer. 

Fallon doesn't want the dress with all the strings attached and the two get into a fight. 

Laura and Blake look pleased. 

Vanessa and Dominique convince Culhane to have a birthday party since it'll be good for the reality show. 

He agrees to a pajama theme and everyone shows up. 

Blake pays off the producers to capture footage of Liam and Fallon's fight, which goes down after Liam sees her cozying up to Fallon. 

Laura is pleased that Blake pulled it off. 

Kirby informs Sammy that Ramy is bad news, and he realizes she's right when his nightly deposits are missing from the safe. 

He apologizes for doubting her, but Kirby isn't ready to be friends with him just yet. 

Liam, Fallon, and Blake laugh about how they fooled Laura into thinking they broke up. They have to keep up the charade long enough until he gets Carrington Atlantic back. 

Anders informs Culhane that Vanessa is using him for the reality show and to advance her career. 

Cristal and Blake are not on good terms since he refused to help with the charity. She gets close to Father Collins, who admits he's crushing on her. 

She tries to create distance between them, but it doesn't work and they end up making out. 

Adam witnesses it all. 

Blake and Laura celebrate their "win," and she informs him she closed a deal without needed Fallon and Liam to break up. 

The two begin making out. 

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Blake: Just asking. You already divorced him one.
Fallon: Yeah, well, just trying to keep up with you.

Honey, my feet don't get cold. Fallon can always find another fiancee, but there's only one Carrington Atlantic.