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It's Thanksgiving at the Carrington Manor. 

Blake requests that Cristal and Adam put off their bickering for a day and they reluctantly agree. 

Adam calls a truce when he asks for Cristal's help baking Blake's favorite holiday pie. 

Cristal agrees to help, and the two have a good time baking, but as usual, Adam as ulterior motives. 

When they leave the kitchen, Nadia turns up the over and takes out Cristal's SIM card from her phone. 

Once Adam learns that his pie was burnt, Cristal offers to pick up more pecans to make a new one. 

On her way, she gets a flat tire from all the nails in her tire and is unable to call from her phone since she has no service thus forcing to miss Blake's family photo. 

No one else shows up to the photo except for Dominique and Adam, who makes sure to point out that he's the only family member his father can count on. 

Fallon goes to stalk an eccentric executive director in hopes of hiring him for Fallon Unlimited. 

She gives Liam an assignment writing for her magazine so that she doesn't have to leave him alone out of fear that he'll backslide. 

Liam ends up knowing the Landon, the executive director. They're "bros," which doesn't increase Fallon's chances of getting a sit down with him. 

She finally realizes she has to play the "boy's game" and goes turkey hunting with them. 

Landon still isn't interested in working with her and instead, offers Liam a job in London. 

Liam and Fallon get into an argument and she accidentally shoots Landon in the hip. 

Monica gives Vanessa another shot at landing a record contract but refuses to work with Dominique. 

Culhane threatens to out Dominique's secret to Monica and Jeff, which prompts her to almost tell Monica the truth. 

But when Monica agrees to give Vanessa the contract to play Club Colby and invites her mother to Thanksgiving dinner, Dominique retreats. 

Vanessa blurts it out at dinner putting her mother on the spot. 

Sammy tries to rehabilitate his hotel's image, but when PR guru Fletcher comes to help, he turns down his ideas. 

When he begins to get ridiculed online, Sammy decides to open his doors to those in need and feed the homeless gaining him some PR brownie points. 

Fletcher coms around and apologizes and the night even ends with a kiss. 

Anders figures that Sammy has everything under control and quits to take his position at the Carrington Manor back. 

Blake's family-less Thanksgiving dinner ends up filled with loved ones as everyone arrives at dinner late. 

Cristal defends Adam telling Blake he was trying to do something nice, but when she sees that he's holding hands with Nadia, she realizes they set her up. 

She tells Adam that his time at the Manor is running out. 

At the end of the episode, we see Fallon paying Nadia for making Adam fall in love with her. 

She also arrives at Liam's place to apologize for her actions and suggests they start their relationship from scratch and make new memories. 

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Adam: Are you leaving Liam alone for Thanksgiving?
Fallon: Of course you're there, lurking like an AV kid at prom.
Adam: Uhm, do you think that's such a good idea given his issues? Aren't you worried about a backslide?
Fallon: What, like Liam getting back together with Ashley? No, no. You don't go back to eating ground beef after you've had filet mignon. At least not twice.

Landon would not be ducking me if I were a man, and no one ducks Fallon Carrington.