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Cristal becomes the new co-president of Blake's Blue Belt Winery much to Adam's dismay. 

Blake asks them to work together and encourages Cristal's new idea of expanding the brand to new generations, but Adam isn't on-board. 

Despite Cristal's attempt at "working" with Adam, he tries to sabotage her at every step. 

Eventually, Blake doesn't know who he can trust anymore.

He questions if Cristal changed the wine bottles to display her face and wonders if she wants to erase him from the brand. 

Cristal proves that she's in it for the right reasons by revealing new labels inspired by Blake's personal stories from the winery, which impresses Blake but again, infuriates Adam. 

Fallon goes on one last mission to prove her love to Liam and help him remember how in love they were. 

After hearing that Liam and Ashley are planning a wedding, she breaks her restraining order and climbs up the side of his house to give him the original manuscript of his book with anecdotes. 

Before she can hand him the book, security catches her and Laura escorts her off the property. 

But not before informing her that today is wedding day! 

Fallon asks Sammy to get the manuscript to Liam by pretending to be a flower delivery service. 

Sammy is successful, but when he gets to the house and puts Fallon on speaker, she breaks out into a song surprising them both. 

Liam comes to the wine tasting event later to tell Fallon that while he didn't get married he also didn't fall back in love with her. 

He asks for some space to "figure things out," breaking Fallon's heart. 

There's a few musical numbers that Fallon hallucinates because of a gas leak in her room. 

Adam realizes there's a gas leak, which was his fault, and as he tries to turn it off, causes an explosion. 

The paramedics wheel him away with his eyes covered in gauze as he tells Blake that he may never get his vision back. 

Dominique leaves the party and tells Jeff and Monica that she was responsible for hurting Adam as a form of revenge. 

She then goes to call someone named Vanessa and assures her that things are taking a bit longer than expected. 

Who is she talking to and what is she referring to?

Kirby hooks up with Victor, a new Atlantix soccer player staying at Sammy's unfinished hotel. Victor is in deep with some dangerous Cubans, which is why he needed to hide out at the hotel. 

Culhane and Kirby's first post-breakup run-in is awkward, but as Anders tells his daughter, they dated for 5-minutes and the way she's handling it is immature.

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

The annual Blue Belt tasting is tonight at Carrington Manor. Apparently, Adam's running the vineyard now. Prodigal son entrusted with the last remaining jewel of the Carrington empire. It's almost Shakespearean.

Jeff Colby

Fallon: Should I text him? Maybe I'll text him.
Sam: Fallon, we broke into his house twice. Okay? I'd let it breathe.
Fallon: For how long?