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Eva continues to manipulate Fallon and Liam, telling the former to decline a lunch date to focus on work.

Fallon tries to find a way to take her sister down, finding out some big details about her past, including that she was fired.

Fallon confronts her with the news, as well as the reveal that she was petitioning to have the Carrington name ahead of her arrival.

Amanda confesses but says that she is not a bad person.

Fallon ultimately welcomes her into the family.

Adam, however, is catty, and says he'll get rid of her. Amanda says that Blake never had a big TV appearance to welcome him into the family so he must be expendable.

Adam is mad.

Liam says that he's sleeping in the spare room until Fallon makes changes to her life that includes him.

Blake is losing the vote among people of color, so he turns to Dom to find a way forward.

She concludes that he needs to work with Jeff and Culhane.

Cristal's brother arrives in town and asks her turn to turn on their father. She is conflicted.

Beto sleeps with Sam and steals the evidence against their father.

Cristal finds herself in control of her father's company as her brother threatens her.


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