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Fallon orders Blake to fo some cost-cutting at the company, but she does not anticipate him firing 29 staff members.

Desperate to not have her business tarnished with a culture of fear allegations, she forces Blake to take back what he did.

He does, but turns to someone else to help him get a new job when he realizes he is not going to get any power.

Fallon complains when she realizes he is looking for a job, and while Liam is mad that she is checking his email, he lets her continue.

Fallon confronts her father, but he feels more concerned about optics.

Sam continues to try and control Ryan, creating a fake scholarship to bring him to Atlanta.

Ryan finds out the truth and they argue all over again, but they both realize they need to give their relationship another shot.

Adam tries to get promoted at work but Bailey returns and tells him she will make his life a living hell.

Kirby joins forces with him and attaches porn to a slideshow presentation, resulting in Bailey losing her job.

Adam wants to prove to the family that he is to be looked up to.

Blake continues to get closer to Cristal again, but she's worried he is only being nice to make her think he's changed.

Blake does realize that he has messed up their relationship by never listening.

Sam thanks Culhane for speaking to Ryan.

Blake apologizes to Fallon after she drags him for trying to move on with a new company and leaving her in the dust.

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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Liam: Isn't that illegal?
Fallon: I don't know, but he should be arrested.
Liam: I meant you reading employee emails.
Fallon: Oh, Liam, it's 2021, don't be so naive.

To be continued. Right now, I have to find a headhunter of my own and order him to shoot Blake.