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Fallon proceeds with her business, but Colin returns, determined to usurp her power.

Fallon sets up a plan to take him down, but she plays into his hands with her half-baked plan.

He plans to do a vote of no confidence and get Fallon kicked out of the company.

But Fallon sets out to turn it against him, and she wins.

In the end, they agree to play nice, and Fallon bails on a date to have a drink with him.

Liam starts to get closer to Eva, proving that there's a big divide in his marriage.

Blake realizes Amanda is his daughter and sets out to prove it.

Alexis denies it, but Blake gets proof of it.

Amanda tells her parents she is not in the mood for them bickering and that she'll form her own opinions of everyone.

Kirby goes on an apology tour, but Adam isn't interested in forgiving her, while Sam continues to try to get to the root of what happened to everyone.

Jeff and Culhane join forces to beat Blake, but they both realize he's the most formidable foe around.

The episode ends with Fallon returning home to find Liam out with Eva on a hike.


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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Game on, Oliver Twisted!


Blake: She's my daughter.
Alexis: You don't know what you're talking about.