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Fallon learns that her friend from the Warblers is the person who has intercepted her plan.

She tries to talk him down, but he says she stole the land from him and caused problems for him at the school.

Fallon lies that she's ready to fix things and give him the land at a cut price. She takes a photo of his calendar and she and Liam go to an outside cinema and find him making out with his assistant.

Liam takes photos.

Fallon returns to his office and tells him how it's going to play out. She doesn't use the images, but he says it's not over and he'll get her back.

Fallon decides to take the company public to make some quick cash.

Dominique and Blake play Alexis and Blake wins out in the end, but Alexis and Dom fight in the mine and it starts to collapse with them inside.

Cristal worries that she's pregnant, but when she goes to the hospital she learns that she has a brain tumor.

Sam sleeps with Fletcher and wonders about his decision as Ryan contacts him to meet up.

Jeff and Culhane start to fight over the same girl all over again.

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