Finding the Shooter - East New York
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After a replay of Bentley getting shot, everything moves in slow motion as Bentley calls for help and tries to stop the bleeding as they wait for the bus to arrive.

Regina and Yenko radio people on the way to the scene. Quinlan comes to the scene and wants to know if it was Andre. Regina tells her she needs her to focus on the investigation. Sandeford refuses to go to the hospital. Suarez needs his guns as he shot at the perp.

At the emergency room, Regina and Yenko meet Simone, who only wants a doctor to tell her about her son's condition.

Back at the 74, Killian and Morales have nothing. They're looking at gang beefs. Security cameras don't all work.

Suarez has a press conference. There is a tip line. They won't give Bentley's name.

Regina is very upset and wishes she still smoked. She recalls Bentley saved her from the concrete that kid threw. Suarez reminds her that Bentley is not dead yet.

Quinlan beats up a vending machine. Morales helps her out and says they are looking at people who might have targeted Bentley or Sandeford. She claims not to know either of them well but Morales can tell that Quinlan and Bentley were together. Quinlan doesn't think Bentley had any secrets.

Bentley is too new to have enemies. Sandeford recently arrested a mob member who was killed in jail and his girlfriend has an ex.

DiStefano's brother is brought in and says he has a big problem with Sandeford, who he blames for his brother's death. He has an alibi. So does the ex. (Why is no one thinking of the gang members that Sandeford and Bentley put away?)

Sandeford bursts in and starts beating up the ex, who insists he didn't shoot anyone.

Bentley has opened his eyes.

The cops go to the hospital room. Simone wants the cops to leave her son alone. Bentley wants to talk to them. He begins to describe what happened and the machines start beeping and he has trouble breathing.

A stolen car matches the description of the shooter's vehicle. The thief has been identified and arrested in the Bronx. He is brought in and everyone glares at him, especially Sandeford and Quinlan.

Sandeford wants to help interview the new suspect. Regina tells him know. He's a witness and if he questions suspects it will taint his testimony. She wants him to stand down.

The suspect denies he shot at a cop.  He says he stole a car and that's it. He got a call from an anonymous number asking for the car in exchange for dope.  The dope is related to what they confiscated from Napoleon Santiago.

Regina confronts Santiago who says he cut a deal with the Feds and they won't care that he shot a cop from the 7-4 as they don't like Regina.

The other cops assume Napoleon is innocent as he wouldn't want to ruin his deal. Yenko says he thinks this is the Santiago family's work. Morales and Killian argue about whether to tell Sandeford.

Sandeford and Tamika talk. Tamika is worried about Sandeford. He isn't worried about himself. He says he's not allowed to carry a gun but he secretly has one.  His phone rings and he won't tell Tamika what he's doing.

Tamika goes to Regina and Yenko and warns them Sandeford is in the streets with a gun instead of following orders.

Regina calls Sandeford on Bentley's phone to get him to pick up. She tells him he's putting himself and everyone in danger. Simone complains that Sandeford has not come to visit.

Simone wants someone to bring Bentley clothes. Regina says to send Quinlan.

Quinlan's neighbor asks how Bentley is and says she is praying for Bentley. Quinlan falls apart by the elevator. When she gets to Bentley's apartment she sees flowers and a bear outside like they do for dead people. She cries as she packs his clothes. She sits on his bed and sobs.

Sandeford talks to some gang members who says Lucia wouldn't do this and Napoleon is in jail but Sandeford offers a deal to whoever talks, possibly no jail time. He wants to know where Kiki is and says Santiagos are done. His contact considers the offer.

Morales has brought in Lucia Santiagos. Regina wants to question her. She works the angle of Lucia not being taken seriously by the Santiagos because she is a woman. Lucia will give Kiki up if her name is kept out of it. However, Regina learns Sandeford is also on his way over there.

Sandeford sneaks into a building and calls to Kiki in Spanish to get him to open the door. He makes Kiki cuff himself to the bed.

The cops arrive and Sandeford comes out. He has taped a confession.

Kiki is arrested. Suarez warns Sandeford there will be consequences. Sandeford doesn't care.

Brandy brings Bentley's clothes. She can't believe six months ago she didn't know him and now she's worried. Sandeford arrives. Quinlan leaves. Bentley awakens while Sandeford is there. Sandeford tells him to do what the doctors say and get back to work. He plans to still train him.



East New York
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East New York Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I pray that Bentley lives, but if he dies, I want his mother to make it in time.


Quinlan: Oh my God. Is that André's blood? Where is he? I have to be with him.
Regina: Officer Quinlan. I need you to put your focus where it needs to be. Can you do that for me?