Racing to Find a Missing Kid - East New York Season 1 Episode 6
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Regina warns some construction workers not to put their hands on some homeless people who are in their way. Regina tries to get them to move along. She also gives a statement to the news. The cops try ti help them relcoate.

Sandeford runs into his ex, Tamika, who is helping give out lunchboxes to the homeless people. After an awkward conversation, she walks away.

Suarez's mom complains about neighbors who were making a lot of noise and how her cousin in Yonkers wants her to move there. His mom doesn't want to move. He finishes setting up her TV

At the homeless encampment, a woman calls for her son frantically and tells the cops he is missing.

Suarez leaves his mom's and sees a woman and man fighting. Suarez arrests the man. The woman starts punching Suarez. He pushes her and she falls, while the whole neighborhood films it on their phones.

The cops ping Isaac's phone. An older homeless man, Chester, has it, but says he found it on the ground by the subway.

Morales runs into that detective who was obnoxious before. He apologizes.

Brandy is going to be testifying and the ADA says it will be easy (haha)

Killian doesn't think that Chester is involved in Isaac's disappearance. Regina hopes they get lucky.

Sandeford and Bentley search for Isaac. A news producer won't give them footage but Bentley mentions sex trafficking and she changes her mind.

Brandy testifies. On cross-examination, the defense attorney decides to ask her about her mother. The judge calls the counselors to the bench. The defense attorney wants to prove that Brandy  only arrested the guy because her mother is an addict. Brandy starts ranting and the judge tells her to cut it out, and agrees with the defense.

Sharpe comes in and says the video of Suarez hitting the woman is all over Twitter. Killian interrupts. He has footage from the encampment. They see the kid walk off with a guy known only as Henry.

Henry is brought in. Killian butts heads with him. Yenko says that this is not how you deal with kids on spectrum. He goes in to talk to Henry.

The brass wants Suarez to realize how bad this looks.

Morales talks to Brandy. Brandy admits she got triggered because as a child, she was made to testify against her mom. Morales tells her to think about how she wants to put this scumbag away.

Isaac's mother doesn't think Henry could do this. The father isn't so sure.

Killian wants to know if he's still on this case. He tells her about a sex offender who works at the food pantry. he parents are in the other room as Regina says bring him in.

Henry tells Yenko that Isaac walked him home because it was sad that the homeless people had to move away. He gave Isaac candy and pretzels and Isaac left.

Sandeford asks Tamika about Lloyd Turner. She says Lloyd doesn't know anything about Isaac. Lloyd runs away. Bentley gets him. He says he doesn't know where Isaac is but thinks someone is hurting him the way he used to hurt kids.

Killian questions Lloyd, who says he hasn't offended in 20 years.

The parents think it must be Lloyd, who has an alibi.

Sharpe says the news reporter has found the full video, which shows that Suarez was defending himself. The woman wants access to the 74 in exchange.

Chester says he knows something about this morning.

Killian comes down. Chester tells him there's a guy, not Henry. This guy works for transit and wears an orange vest. He spends a lot of time talking to Isaac.

Yenko and Killian get Henry to tell them where Isaac went. They all walk the route where Isaac would have walked. Henry takes a photo of a car before answering their questions.  He lets the cops see the photos on his camera. He says the "motorman" let him and Isaac into a trainyard. He gives them an address.

The cops get a name and find out the suspect has toys that would be of interest to a 10-year-old boy. They have to get to the trainyard.

The judge asks if Brandy can conduct herself with the appropriate decorum. She apologizes for earlier. The defense attorney is snarky about it. Brandy is very strong against him. He asks her if she really denies having a bias against addicts. She says she is bound by her oath. She also has her patrol log.

The perp haas now pled guilty. Troy admits he's here for a divorce not a case.

The cops arrive at the trainyard. Regina isn't interested in waiting for backup. The suspect ignores them knocking. He's nervous as the cops question him. He won't let them into a room. They go in anyway. They find Isaac. The perp insists he didn't touch him.

The other chief tells Suarez the mayor will be giving a press conference and talking about how Suarez was maligned.

Everyone claps as Isaac is reunited with his parents. Sandeford asks Tamika to have dinner with him.

Regina asks Isaac if they should bring Henry over. Isaac says Henry doesn't like being around a lot of people. Regina takes Isaac to Henry. Henry has a photo of himself with Isaac.



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East New York Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Sandeford: Kid went down the subway, could be anywhere.
Bentley: You start thinking sex trafficking?
Sandeford: Let's not say that. Of course I think about it. But let's not speak it unless we have to.

Why you always talking about moving somewhere else? There is no somewhere else!

Homeless man