"Chapter 13"

We've come to the end of season two on Eastbound & Down. Read on for a detailed recap of events from Chapter 13, as Kenny goes home.

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"Chapter 12"

Kenny must make amends with Sebastian so he can play one more game with the Charros to impress a scout.

"Chapter 11"

Steve tracks down Eduardo Sanches for Kenny and it turns out to be his estranged father, who is now remarried with a new son.

"Chapter 10"

Even though the fans are positively responding, Roger warns Kenny against showboating. Kenny tries to get serious with Vida.

"Chapter 9"

When Kenny is disappointed by his lukewarm reception by the Mexican fans, he starts his own grassroots campaign using Steve and Catuey.

"Chapter 8"

Rich, young Charros owner Sebastian Cisneros gives Kenny the promotion he wants.

"Chapter 7"

We meet up with Kenny Powers in Mexico under a new alias and profession as a cock fighter. He even finds a new sidekick.

"Chapter 6"

During the season one finale, Kenny gets an offer from the Tampa Bay Rays.

"Chapter 5"

After Terrence's harsh words, Kenny gives up on his dream. However, Kenny's passion is re-ignited when Ashley brings back his old rival, Reg Mackworthy (Craig Robinson).

"Chapter 4"

Steve makes a DVD for Kenny to try and get the major leagues to take notice. Kenny attends a BBQ at April's and brings Tracy as his date.

Eastbound & Down Quotes

Down there I fought and fucked my way to being the greatest gringo that country has ever seen.


It's better to be strangled by a necklace of Mexicans than to be strangled by no one.