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We leave off with Kat frantic because Raymond and the children are not home. She calls the cops worried because she believes Ray might have abducted her children. Just as the cops arrive, Ray enters with children in hand and a brand new puppy. The police do not see this as anything but a misunderstanding.

Once the cops leave and the children go upstairs, Ray and Kat have it out. He purposely took the children away to scare her and threatened to do it again and never come back. Kat finally realizes that it is time to give Darryl’s divorce lawyer a call.

Kat meets up with Darryl and his lawyer Ivanka. She is ruthless and ready to cut the balls off of Ray. Something about the whole situation makes Kat rethink her decision to have a messy divorce and ends up coming to a middle ground with Ray for her children.

Roxie continues to have creepy visions of her neighbor Jaime. But, like the other visions they do not seem to be that accurate.  Darryl plants a seed in Roxie’s head that maybe she should try and learn more about Jaime aka snooping.

Once Jaime leaves his apartment, Roxie uses this moment to see exactly what Jaime may be hiding. She finds a book that has the same exact symbol from her visions; takes it and runs.

After showing the book to Joanna and Kat, they all realize it is the same symbol each of them has encountered – Joanna on the door of the wacky woman’s house, Roxie in her visions of Jaime, and Kat saw Bun drawing it over and over again. Although you would think that the three would see this as a breakthrough, they brush it off as a hokey town “witch” thing to pull in tourists.

Roxie goes to return the stolen book and ends up finding out that it belongs to Jaime’s mom who left Jaime as a baby in an orphanage. Jaime tells Roxie that the main reason why he came to Eastwick is because his lineage starts here. He wants to find out who his mom is. Surprisingly we come to find out that his mom is actually Bun, who has no memory of anything but that book and Jaime.

Joanna unexpectedly runs into her ex-fiancé, Morgan who left her at the alter. Not only does he unexpectedly show up in Eastwick, but he comes with his current fiancé to whom he will marry that weekend. Shocked, maddened, and upset Joanna leave to go to work.

Penny informs her that as crappy of a situation was back then, she now has so much going for her here in Eastwick – with a job that she loves and a man of her dreams who is taking her out this week. 

That night, Joanna is about to leave her house when Morgan shows up at her door asking her if he could come in to talk. She agrees and after a couple glasses of wine and some fond nostalgia moments they end up back in the sack! Joanna completely forgets about Will and their date!

The next morning Joanna uses her powers to find out the truth to why Morgan left which turns out to be a big mistake. BIG. Who really would want to know the truth about why you are dumped? But, this does make things clear for Joanna on why they are not together.

Later on at work, Joanna bumps into Will who is obviously upset that she stood him up on their first date. Joanna makes up a lame excuse then uses her powers to make Will believe her. It works. Yay!

Morgan then shows up confessing in front of the entire office that he left his fiancé to be with Joanna after their night of intense love making. Furious, Joanna gets the nerve to stand up for herself and inform him that he is just afraid of commitment and that he has small balls. As proud as she is, this only lasts for a brief moment because Will is there and tells her that he never wants anything to do with her ever again.

The episode ends with quite a shocker - Jaime is obviously up to something and his accomplice/love interest is none other than Penny!

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Eastwick Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Penny: You wore a Vera Chang wedding dress?
Joanna: I couldn't afford Vera Wang.

(rambling to Morgan) Boy! I wish I could stay and chat, but unfortunately, I'm-- I'm very late... For work, not like, 'oops! I missed a period, late' which would be pretty impossible right now. Not-- not that I'm not having a lot of sex, I definitely am. Just, you know, safe sex-- safer sex.