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The episode kicks off with the townspeople of Eastwick gather in the town’s center to prepare for the annual Harvest Fest. Roxie is still quite disturbed by her visions of her new neighbor, Jaime. As much as she wants to believe that he is an average Joe that is harmless, her visions keep telling her otherwise.

Joanna is back to work with Penny and trying to find out more clues on who Darryl Van Horne really is. They come across an old newspaper clipping of a man named Sebastian Hart who died at sea in 1984 – the same year that Darryl Van Horne mysteriously appeared. The mysterious birth certificate that Penny received might belong to a baby that died years ago. Like a puzzle, the pieces are starting to fit together, but Joanna needs more evidence.

Kat is set on starting a new life without her deadbeat husband, but Raymond, scheduled to be released from the hospital, has no place to go. So Kat takes pity on him and allows him to come home for a week.

Once at home, Raymond and Kat have an intimate night of passion that Kat believed was a form of goodbye and unfortunately for Raymond, he thought it was a hello to starting over.

Roxie is still very upset about what almost happened to her daughter Mia, when she runs into the creep, Gus. Not only is this guy a potential rapist, but he’s a butthole to boot! Roxie warns him to back away, but he doesn’t, he ends up pushing her to the point that she almost runs him over!

Roxie can’t shake the anger she has raging inside of her to the point that she is finding it difficult to sculpt Darryl. Darryl tells her to channel the rage and as he is putting the moves on her, her boy toy, Chad, walks in. Roxie doesn’t know what to say other then she can’t commit to a serious relationship.

That night while everyone is at the Harvest Fest, Joanna and Penny sneak into an office to find out more information on Sebastian. As fortune has it, they get away with a picture of Sebastian and three ladies – one being Bun and the other being Eleanor Rougement. They quickly leave to find Eleanor and see what she can tell them.

Eleanor, played by Cybil Shepherd, is that eccentric crazy lady who scares off all the children in the neighborhood...one wouldn’t be surprised if she has eleven cats! She opens the door only to slam it in Joanna and Penny’s faces a couple of times. The only information that they get out of her is her claiming she killed Sebastian back in the 80s. Knowing that they are in a dead end, Joanna and Penny leave to go to the Harvest Fest.

When they get there, Joanna is confronted by her crush Will. He really likes her and wants her to believe it is true. Right as they are about to kiss, Darryl, cuts in to dance with Joanna. He informs her that as good as her investigating skills are; maybe what’s best is to leave the past in the past. This statement comes more as a warning.

Raymond shows up to the festival all dressed up and in great spirits – he got his old supervisors job at the candle and wick factory back! Kat is happily surprised to hear this news.

The episode ends with Jaime, the new hunky neighbor, branding himself with the unknown symbol from Roxie’s premonitions, as all three women are seated at the Harvest Fest children’s show. They are glaring up at Gus who is working the lights to the play. Something happens to make him lose his balance and he ends up hanging himself from a cord of lights. Who or what made this happen? We don’t know and hopefully next week we will find out!

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Eastwick Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Roxie: You think you're really adorable, don't you?
Darryl: I think you think I'm really adorable.
Roxie: I think you're not as adorable as you think I think you are

Penny: The man that you've had the most pathetic crush on for the last two years finally asks you out and you say, 'No'?
Joanna: Don't call me pathetic.
Penny: I didn't call you pathetic. I said that your crush is pathetic.