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Roxie wakes up in her dream to find Chad in bed with her. He tells her that he doesn’t have much time because she will soon wake up, but to follow the signs.  Before he could go into any more detail, she wakes up. 

Joanna is about to check out of the hospital. Kat is there trying to make her realize that she needs to talk about her being almost burnt to death, but Joanna refuses because she wants to learn more about her new magic power of telekinesis.  As they are leaving, they practically fall into Chad’s dead body.

They both go to Roxie’s house to tell her the unfortunate news. Somehow, probably because of the dream and her recent premonitions, Roxie already knew.  She informs them about her dream and the sign’s Chad wants her to follow.

Roxie finds her first clue in the bottom of Chad’s drawer. It is an ax with a note on it to return to Darryl. When she gets to Darryl’s house, her is fire walking. He helps Roxie realize that her biggest fear – fear that she is a curse. He tells her that she should conquer her fear – starting with going to Chad’s funeral, even though she was banned.

At the funeral, after making a rather spectacle of herself in front of Chad’s entire family, she sees her last sign. It is a young woman wearing the same shirt as Chad’s from her dream. The woman turns out to be Chad’s secret guitar tutor. He wrote Roxie a song and planned to give it to her as her surprise Birthday present CD. Awe! Love him!

She realizes that Chad’s gift to her is the awareness of releasing herself. So that night, Roxie packs up all the old clothes of both her dead lovers and finally lets go.

Kat magically fixes her daughter cut on her finger by just touching it. She realizes that she also has another power – the power to heal. Funny how someone like Eleanor made her comprehend her power.  Kat takes Bun to Eleanor’s house to find out more answers to her questions and to see if she could help Bun get her memory back.

And does she ever! Eleanor uses her knitting needles and pokes two holes in Bun’s neck; forcing millions of red ants to come crawling out of her. This action makes Bun get her memory back and Eleanor and Bun start planning what to do about Darryl.

Back at home, Kat has the option to use her newfound power on one of her children, but opts out. She is still a little weary of her powers.

Seeing that no one believes in her telekinetic powers, Joanna takes Max (her replacement reporter) on a ride for his life – literally. They are at the top of a ferris wheel when Joanna opens the door. She tries to conjure up the same feelings she had to shut the door with her mind, but it didn’t work. Scared out of his mind, Max made her face the reality of what her situation in life is at the moment.





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Eastwick Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm suppose to follow the signs, but I don't know what that means.


I have SAP - Super Awesome Powers.