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Holmes and Watson are sent to investigate the 2010 disappearance of woman, Sarah, when her ears show up on her ex-husbands doorstep four years later.

Her husband was always presumed to be the killer until she shows up alive and well. Having changed her name and started a new life, she was happy.

It was revealed that she grew ears on her back to keep provoking her ex-husband and getting money out of him.

Lestrade gets many job offers but thinks he is inadequate without Sherlock and fears he won’t be able to keep a job. Watson catches him drunk at their house and tells him he has to leave the Brownstone.

After he gets mugged, Gareth takes on his own case to track down his mugger. When he catches him, he thinks that Sherlock set up the whole thing so he’d feel adequate again.

However, Sherlock did not but let Lestrade think he did so he could move on and start over.

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

That’s the kind of man I am, I leave keys under doormats


I used to keep a collection of notorious crimes from other countries but I lost the habit when I had my habit.