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When Sherlock has to testify to keep his consulting job with the NYPD, the verdict isn’t what he had hoped for. After an intense interrogation, it is revealed that Sherlock’s course of actions and ego led to Detective Bell being shot. The verdict is that the judge advises the county commissioner not to reinstate Holmes back into the NYPD. However, against Bell’s recommendation - Sherlock and Watson stay on.

After Sherlock taunts a suspect, who violated parole and now blames Sherlock, tries to shoot him. Bell steps in front of him and is shot instead. As a result, the friendship that took nearly a year to create, is now damaged being that Bell feels complete disdain towards Holmes.

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Once Watson and I mixed up the cries of small puppies for the cries of a baby.


Sherlock: Most of those doors were open…
Walker: In New York City? The front doors were open.
Sherlock: I was surprised as well.