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A man enters his apartment. He opens a manila envelope and five orange plastic beads fall out. He immediately calls someone but gets Captain Gregson instead. Whomever he was calling for help has been shot and has the same beads on his desk. Gregson hears the door open and the man begging for his life, than gunfire. 

Watson is in the morgue examining the victims. Sherlock comes in. She informs him that Gregson assigned her the case but agrees he can co-consult. Victim #1 is a lawyer and Victim #2 created a defective toy that killed 4 children. He had been on the run.

Kitty is taking pictures at the lawyer's office with Detective Bell. He tries to make pleasantries but she ignores him. Sherlock texts her the names and addresses of the victim's parents. She notices the manila envelope comes from the same zipcode as one of the victim's parents.

The suspect, Coleman originally denies committing the murders but the next day arrives at the precinct to confess. 

Sherlock and Kitty visit Coleman in his holding cell. Sherlock confirms the gun was the one used in the murders. Asks Coleman why he is lying. He wants to take the blame because then it proves that he did something about their son's death to his wife who had left him.

Prosecutor, Angela White says Openshaw was the office's Bin Laden. Sherlock asks if they can view the surveillance tapes they had on the lawyer. She says no because it shows him meeting with clients who have client/attorney privilege. Kitty accuses her of hiding something.

Kitty complains that since they came back to NY, she's been given grunt work. Sherlock says that he asked Joan along so Kitty can observe the two of them working together.

The man who hit Openshaw with his van a few weeks ago is interrogated. They assume it was a botched attack. But he says  that Openshaw and White were both there. 

Watson asks Sherlock if Kitty is a criminal and Sherlock says no.

They meet with Special Agent Bodin who says that Angela's case was falling apart. A critical box with evidence went missing. She was secretly meeting with Openshaw's lawyer too.

White is in interrogation. She admits being blackmailed by the lawyer but says she is not a murderer. Says Bodin couldn't have known the evidence went missing because she never told the FBI.

They raid Bodin's home but he is gone. 

They wonder why Bodin would help get rid of evidence that would help Openshaw, to only later kill him. Holmes figures it out. The poisoned beads were essentially GHB and worth millions on the street. He was trying to end the case so he could steal the beads/drugs.

Sherlock tells Joan that Kitty was victim of a horrible crime and gives her a manila folder with the details. Joan gives the folder back to Kitty, who instead tells Joan to read it. 

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Elementary Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

So let's say I am being framed, if that were true, I'd take that fall. I know it wouldn't get Amy back, but at least she would know that I'm the one who got the guy.


She's strong, Watson. Smart. The training I'm attempting to provide her, the same training I provided you, for her has an ulterior motive. It is, in part, an attempt to channel residual feelings that she has into a productive skill. I believe she will make an excellent investigator. Just not today.