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Hawes discovers Sherlock lying on his autopsy table, waiting for his test results. Joan is worried because she can't find Sherlock. Sophie Bishop, a reformed party girl, wants Sherlock and Joan to find Sammy Olivetti, her missing partner in an old sex tape which was recently put on line. The tape's appearance could cost Sophie her inheritance thanks to a morals clause her grandfather put in his will. Sherlock tells Joan about his condition. Sherlock has post-concussion syndrome, precipitated by Shinwell hitting him with a bottle. His doctor was uncertain about Sherlock's recovery. Sherlock and Joan check Sammy's house. Sherlock finds a spot of blood. Someone calls Sherlock offering to pay $1 million for them to drop the case. Sherlock demands $5 million, which the caller deposits electronically. Sherlock gives Gregson the account number so the deposit can be backtracked. Sherlock confronts Sophie's brother Drew. Surrounded by construction noise, Sherlock's hearing cuts out. After Joan tells Sophie where the tape was uploaded, Sophie lies to her about not knowing that site. Sherlock attends a meeting, after which he meets Michael, who credits Sherlock for his sobriety. Sherlock told Joan that Sophie wouldn't be cut out of the inheritance. Instead she would receive a $60 million buyout. Marcus calls Joan to tell her Sophie is dead. Sophie got a call from the same number that offered them the bribe. Sherlock and Joan suspect her husband Ryan, who admits to leaking the sex tape, but to nothing else. He says Sophie was in on the leaking. Sherlock can't remember why he walked into a room. Sherlock is afraid his brain trauma will affect his sobriety and vice versa. Ryan accidentally activated Sammy's hidden-video system before he killed him. Joan hires Ramon to fix the destroyed guest room. Sherlock's new protege, Michael, is a killer.

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Elementary Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

My mother's ghost recently set a room on fire, so I've been doing most of my thinking elsewhere.

Sherlock [to Hawes]

Dr. Hawes: We've talked about this. You don't get to go on the ride until it's your turn.
Sherlock: When it's my turn, I won't really get the full experience.
Dr. Hawes: You want the full experience? Stay there. I'll get my scalpel.