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Sherlock's father Morland comes to visit, following Mycroft's death. The dead body Sherlock is called about was about to be made into a fake mummy. The body was found by urban spelunkers. Sherlock has a khopesh sword which he feels was similar to the murder weapon. Sherlock thinks the killer and the forger are two different people. Marcus arrests Blaine Gerry, who ordered a khopesh. He admits to killing three people for the forger, the Theban.  Sherlock thinks the most recent victim, Misha, was actually a hit. Misha had received a $75,00 settlement from a law firm after harassment by Armand Venetto, an auction-firm head. Misha was investigating a forger, Van Faux, at the time of her death. She had asked her former girlfriend, Ricky, to analyze paintings. Sherlock passed on any inheritance from Morland. Sherlock suspects someone is stalking Morland. Sherlock thinks Van Faux is forging copies of masterpieces over old paintings. They confront Jasper Wells, who Misha thought was Van Faux. Wells is also her father. She had urged him to go public as a painter in his own right. He was trying to protect Misha from criminals in the art world. Jasper has heard of the Theban. He said the Theban has figured out how to beat Carbon 14 dating. Joan and Sherlock think the Theban has a crooked authenticator, and evidence points to Gregson's antiquities expert, Merrick Hausmann. But Hausmann is shot and died in surgery. He was the Theban. Sherlock tracks down Vanya Borozan, the man who was tailing Morland. When Sherlock tries to find out who wants Morland dead, Borozan dives out the window to his death. Venetto arranged for Misha's murder, and Marcus arrests him after Jasper set him up by offering to sell him some forgeries. Moriarty is behind the attempt on Morland.

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Elementary Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

The people who hold grudges are petty and small-minded. And I am neither of those things.

Sherlock [to Morland]

I thought [Mycroft] would outlive us both.

Sherlock [to Morland]