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The house where Annie Spellman was being held was burned to the ground with her inside. Odin is now using professionals to do his hits. Morland was found dead in a stolen car. The car is wired with explosives, but Sherlock determines that in time to save everybody. Gregson confronts Odin. The person who killed Morland may have stolen his very expensive watch. Marcus finds a pawn shop into where the watch had been brought. Sherlock locates the burnt bodies of three of the Agrianos mercenaries chopped up and put in a fireplace by a fourth man. Sherlock confronts McNally. Sherlock wants him to help bring down Odin but McNally won't. Marcus and Joan interrogate Frederick Wentz, who hired the Agrianos mercenaries for a Nigerian operation. McNally meets with Odin. Odin wants access to every platform to which the NSA has access. Sherlock figures out that Wentz is the fourth merc from a burn on his arm. D.A. Garrison refuses to prosecute Wentz since he's dying anyway. Sherlock plans a murder to catch Odin. Odin goes to meet with McNally but Sherlock, who sent a text after cloning McNally's phone, shows up instead with a gun. They talk philosophically for a while. Then Marcus, Joan, and Gregson show up in time to see gunfire. Instead they find Odin with the gun. Sherlock went into the water and is missing. Gregson tells Odin he's being charged with murder in the first degree. The gun was from the buyback program that Odin sponsored. Gregson tells him all his secrets are going to come out at trial. Marcus suspects Sherlock set up Odin. Sherlock turns up alive in Florence, his arm in a sling. 

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Elementary Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

If Odin Reichenbach wants to take another swing at you, he's got to come through us.

Gregson [to Sherlock and Joan]

Marcus: Sherlock, stay here. Let us go over and check out the scene.
Sherlock: No, I want to do this.