On Elementary, Kitty is less than thrilled to be working alongside Joan when she and Holmes reunite to solve a double homicide. Watch Elementary online to find out if their claws will come out.

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Holmes and Watson are now both separate consultants for the NYPD. Captain Gregson has approved Kitty to work with Sherlock on his cases, and he is anxious to get back to consulting. Watson gets assigned an intriguing case when two men are killed after receiving an envelope with five orange beads. The case piques Sherlock and he asks Watson if he can co-consult with her. She agrees, much to Kitty's displeasure. It's clear that Kitty feels a bit pushed aside now that Joan is back in the picture. One of the murder victim's, Openshaw, had created a defective toy that killed four children. The other victim was his lawyer who was helping him evade arrest. One of the parents of a deceased child confesses to the murder, but Holmes does not believe him. They meet with the prosector, Angela White, who they later discover was secretly meeting with Openshaw's lawyer. Her case was falling apart, but she had a big political ambitions and losing such a high-profile case would cost her voters. Did she kill Openshaw? Or is something else at play? Watch Elmentary Season 3 Episode 3 Online via TV Fanatic to find out who solves the case first, Sherlock or Watson?

Episode Details

On Elementary Season 3 Episode 3, Holmes and Watson reunite to solve a double homicide involving blackmail, poisoned toys and drugs while Kitty feels left out.

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Elementary Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

So let's say I am being framed, if that were true, I'd take that fall. I know it wouldn't get Amy back, but at least she would know that I'm the one who got the guy.


She's strong, Watson. Smart. The training I'm attempting to provide her, the same training I provided you, for her has an ulterior motive. It is, in part, an attempt to channel residual feelings that she has into a productive skill. I believe she will make an excellent investigator. Just not today.