In the second to last episode of season one, Eli sees a vision of traveling in a car when all of a sudden an earthquake hits the Golden Gate Bridge.

He attempts to warn people - but nobody believes him until he meets Daniel Foote, a scientist that predicts the same natural disaster. Eli and Daniel try everything they can to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge by suing San Francisco, only for Marci Klein to oppose them.

Eli Stone
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Eli Stone Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Marci: I've tallied the partners' vote, and, well... Jordan, there's no easy way to say this.
Jordan: I think you just did, Marci.
Marci: But, for the record, it is the decision of the partnership that Jordan Weathersby be removed from his post as managing partner - effective immediately. Truly, Jordan, I'm sorry.
Jordan: I'm not. I can live with the partners decision. I hope they can.
(an earthquake interrupts the meeting for 20-30 seconds, shattering windows and bringing down ceiling beams)
Jordan: Marci... I'd like a revote.

Ms. Klein's problem with Mr. Stone isn't that he is eccentric, it's that he applies his considerable talents to underdogs and individuals, instead of conglomerates and CEOs. He reminds us that in business there is still room for humanity, that capitalism without mercy is tantamount to evil--he reminds us of the best parts of ourselves. Yes, I have protected Eli Stone, because I believe this firm needs Eli Stone; I believe that every firm, every company, everyone...needs an Eli Stone. And by your vote you'll say whether or not you agree. If you don't, then this place has become something I don't want my name on anyway.