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Dorothy is being taken by Ojo through a city. He has a bag over her head.  She's thrown into a room with West.

Jack is with Lady Ev and her father traveling to Emerald City. 

Lucas and Sylvie are welcomed into Eamonn's home. Lucas' real name is Roan, one of Eamonn's soldiers, The best one. Eamonn tells him what happened.

Eamonn collapses. He tells Lucas to stay.

West and Ojo are confronting Dorothy. Ojo traded Dorothy for his wife. West calls Tip into the room. Tip recognizes Dorothy. West wants to know how Dorothy killed her sister. Dorothy tells her about the gun. West points the gun at Dorothy's head. She pulls the trigger, but it doesn't shoot. The magazine is on the floor.

West is very upset and slaps Dorothy.

The Wizard is having a dinner for the King of Ev. He's getting irritated because Lady Ev is talking and Jack is breaking glasses. Lady Ev challenges The Wizard's beliefs about the Beast Forever.

West is working her magic and summons Glinda. Glinda tells her to wait until she gets there before doing anything. 

West and Tip argue about her turning back into a boy, and then they make up. West loves her.

Dorothy learns there is a sewer in the room she is at. The chambermaid steps on her foot.

Sylvie wakes up Lucas. Sylvie tells Lucas that Dorothy is here. 

West works some magic on Dorothy to find out what East was going to Emerald City to tell West.

As West throws her on the floor, East's gloves cover Dorothy's hands again.

The Wizard is walking with the King to try to help him build his arsenal. King wants his dog back. If he brings the dog back, he'll help him. The Wizard goes to talk to Lady Ev. Lady Ev has no desire to help The Wizard.

Dorothy is trying to open the door to the sewer. Tip brings her some food. Dorothy tries to convince Tip to help her. Tip tells her who she is. Tip won't help her. The chambermaid is listening.

Lucas is walking with Sylvie through the city to find Dorothy.  Someone else gets thrown in the chamber with Dorothy. It's her mother. 

Turns out that her mother is really West in disguise. She knows all the memories.

Lady Ev tells Jack to move it. He refuses. Lady Ev thinks Jack is his friend. He explains to her what a friend is.

Eamonn tells the Wizard about getting shot by Dorothy. He knows what the bullet is.

Tip gives Dorothy her bag and decides to help her by giving her the key to open the well. The chambermaid comes in with a huge blade.

Glinda shows up at the brothel. They go down to the chamber and finds the chambermaid tied to the well. Tip comes in with food for the prisoner. The chambermaid tries to tell West about Tip. Tip denies everything. 

Dorothy escapes.

Jack and Lady Ev attend the festival.

The Wizard joins Anna on the balcony and shows her the bullet. 

Lucas comes across some soldier who try to stop him. He fights them and kills them. He spares one man to find out why they are after him. He tells him he killed 10 men. Lucas doesn't understand. He gives himself up. He tells Sylvie he has to answer for his crimes. He lets the guy take him in.

Lady Ev and Jack walk through the city. They are accosted by a gang of thieves. They want to take her mask of. Jack protects them.  They try to fight him, but he beats them all. Lady Ev kisses Jack.

West is working with Elizabeth to see what the monkey drones saw the day East died.

Lucas is brought to Eamonn.

Ojo comes for his award, but West blows him off. He was never going to release his wife. 

Sylvie is hidden when Toto shows up and kisses her. Dorothy is walking through the city.  Dorothy walks into the Wizard's chambers where Pink Floyd is playing.  She finds the Wizard and figures out he comes from the same place she does. He knows who she is.



Emerald City
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