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Mia is turning 15 and the family is planning to throw her a birthday party. 

As Jo heads out to work, Alex comes over to help set up. 

He has a heart-to-heart with Piper who begins questioning who she is and where she's from.

She tells him she believes Jo is keeping secrets and asks him to take her to the location found on one of Jo's maps. 

Alex agrees and they end up at the deserted model neighborhood. 

Piper can point out which house, and remembers not being happy there. 

Alex realizes this was a mistake and takes her back home. 

Jo meets Agent Brooks, the new FBI agent in town who wants to work with her on the Kindred/Augur Industries/ Emily case. 

He informs Jo that Kindred is dead; he was liquified in jail. 

Jo tells Benny, who is hiding out with Alan Wilkins. When the FBI inquires about Wilkins, she tells them to get out of town, but Wilkins escapes after knocking Benny out. 

Meanwhile, Jo and Brooks investigate a series of Augur Industry fires. 

They bring in Emily's mother and Kindred's mistress in for questioning, and she pretends not to have been in contact with her daughter for the past 20-years. 

Jo has Chris run tap her phone and gets a location for Emily in a deserted Augur lab. 

She arrests Emily and asks her to remove the fatal exception so Piper could live a normal life. 

Emily informs her that she's not the one who has been starting fires in the lab. There's a break-in and a group of masked men begins putting up bombs. 

The ladies manage to escape as does Agent Brooks, who followed a tip to the lab and was surprised to see Jo already there. 

He tells her that Emily is now in federal lockup and he's interested in what she has to say. 

At Mia's birthday party, Piper gets a gift from "mom," which is the fatal exception. 

She plugs it in and learns the truth about what she is. But instead of shutting down, Piper is completely fine. 

A woman associated with the group that has been burning down Augur Industries finds Wilkins after he rents a motel room and slits his throat after telling him he stole from her. 

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Jo: I need you to get into Piper's code and eliminate the fatal exception.
Alan: Even if I could, I wouldn't.
Jo: Why not?
Alan: Do you have a full understanding of how she was able to get Emily out of her head?
Jo: She did it herself.
Alan: Which means she rewrote her own code.

Jo: I've been here before.
Chris: What was inside?
Jo: It's kind of a long story. They had robot dogs, though.
Chris: I just really wish I could have seen that.
Jo: I know.