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After taking Piper in and dealing with a slew of shady people who are after her, Jo's having trouble sleeping.

When Piper comes to her room to tell her that she saw a man lurking in the backyard, it turns out her concerns were valid. Jo stays up all night keeping watch and calls Chris the next morning so that he can come and install cameras around the property.

Piper remains hidden inside the home with Dr. Abby, who is attempting to help jog her memory.

She gives Piper a journal in which she encourages her to write down anything that comes to mind. Piper gets into one of her "moments" and has a flashback where she seems to be killing a doctor dressed in white.

When she is shaken from her trance, she realizes she wrote his final words "don't" all over the page.

She rips out the pages and hides them, but Jo notices them later and wonders if maybe Piper isn't remembering on purpose.

"She's too happy here."

Despite the new camera system, the man who was lurking outside gains access by posing as a salesman.

Chris blames himself for the mess-up. Inside the house, the man uses a tracking device to locate the microchip that Piper removed from behind her ear and flushed down the drain.

Piper hides in a nearby closet and attempts to keep her powers under control but as her fear increases, her powers increase. The man notices her and approaches.

At that moment, Jo rushes through the door and comes to comfort a terrified Piper.

Jo assumed the man was looking for the little metal card with indentations but is later surprised to find out Piper had it. The card is broken and there's a glowing circle inside, so she asks Benny to do some digging.

The man continues to pose a problem for Jo throughout the hour and it's clear he's trying to clean up any trace of Piper.

First, the hospital records were wiped, then he made sure that the doctor couldn't do an autopsy on the corpses of the fake parents, and after ambushing Piper, he went to dispose of the car involved in the accident.

Jo figured him out though and arrived to investigate the car before him.

What she saw truly puzzled her. The whole car was yielding magnetic energy -- everything in the back seat was floating as if it wasn't being held down by gravity.

When the man finally arrived, they both drew their guns, which were pulled into the car through the magnetic force.

Eventually, Jo was able to whack him unconscious. He ended up in the hospital where whatever "force" attempted to communicate with him.

It seems they're using the phantom frequency on the plane radio, the only piece of the plane that hasn't been thrown into the bottom of the ocean, to communicate.

Jo confronts Piper about all the supernatural occurrences and Piper explains that something "odd" happens whenever she gets scared.

Jo assures her that the evil people are coming after her because she's special.

Piper's response is that she believes she's the one who crashed the plane. After all the supernatural occurrences of the day, Jo's ex-husband, Alex, moves back in to keep the family safe and agrees to sleep on the couch.

Jo decides to give Benny the exclusive about Piper, but despite telling him all about Piper, she only allows him to write about Piper being a scared little girl who survived a car accident and is now living with her.

It's her attempt at trying to take back the narrative and control the situation.

Will it work?

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Benny: So, you planning to find out whoever is on the other side of that radio?
Jo: No, I plan to use it as a paperweight.

Jo: I think I made a mistake.
Ed: What, how so?
Jo: She loves it here.
Ed: Yeah, she's a pretty happy kid.
Jo: Maybe too happy. Maybe she's so happy that if she does remember something she's not going to tell us.