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After finding out Piper is a robot, Jo was uneasy about having her in the house. 

She watched her constantly, and set up cameras so that she would see exactly what she was doing. 

She also needed more answers, clarification to what Emily told her. 

And who better to ask than Emily. 

When Jo and Benny find Emily, she's planning her escape since she believes Kindred's men are coming for her. 

But she's pretty adamant about the fact that Piper is 100% AI and 0% human. 

She also informs her that Piper doesn't know she's a robot because that would lead to a fatal error. 

Benny believes she's not telling the whole truth, so he steals an important-looking external disk from her. 

Once he plugs it up to his computer, the whole thing goes up in smoke. 

He takes the disk to his hacker friend, April. She's been out of the game for a while but agrees to do him this favor. 

Piper senses that something isn't right with Jo. 

Jo ambushes a lady taking pictures of her from her car outside. 

The lady turns out to be Lily from Child Protective Services. 

She's very sweet and wants to be sure everyone is happy with the living situation before it becomes more permanent. 

Piper gets scared that Jo doesn't want her anymore and blows up Lily's phone during the Q+A. 

Jo is upset, which causes Piper to run away. Mia tracks her down on her bike just three blocks away and brings her to her dads. 

Jo meets with Kindred who claims he wants to give her some answers but then attempts to get his property back. 

He assures her Piper is dangerous in the wrong set of hands. 

Alex decodes the plane's black box secret message and informs Jo they're coordinates to a secluded place an hour away. 

Jo and Benny check the place out and stumble upon a runway and a very creepy neighborhood, which Jo assumes Piper lived. 

April can open up some of the files on the drive and sends one to Benny. 

It's a video of Piper having a meltdown inside the house and destroying everything.

Benny informs Jo that Piper is not human and dangerous. 

Jo considers it and picks up Piper from Alex's house. 

As they take a ride, Piper senses that something is not right. 

She halts the car to go help a turtle on the side of the road, which makes Jo second-guess her decision to tell Piper what she is thus destroying her. 

She signs off on becoming her permanent foster and parent and even removes the camera from her room. 

Piper is eerily overjoyed. 

Officer Chris takes Emily away to a secluded cabin where he promises she'll be safe. 

When he realizes she's working on a project, he takes her to his old fishing spot as the phone rings. 

Who is calling? Is Emily a traitor?

Meanwhile, Benny regroups with April, who tells him she doesn't want to work on the project again. 

One of Kindred's henchmen ambushes the car and starts shooting at them as Benny peels out. 

The last scene leaves us wondering if either of them make it out alive. 

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I mean look at you, you don't even know enough to be afraid yet.


Jo: Emily, listen, I need to know who is sleeping in my house. What was she made for?
Emily: I don't know. I just worked on a tiny piece of her code.
Jo: Her code? She has been examined by a doctor. She has had blood drawn. She loves Rice Krispy treats. How is that code?
Emily: That's the bio side. I don't know how it all works.
Jo: I mean, is she real?
Emily: What is real?
Benny: Is she a human body with a synthetic AI?
Emily: No. Synthetic everything.
Benny: Incredible.
Jo: Does she know what she is?
Emily: No. That would create a fatal exception error. Telling an AI it's an AI effectively destroys the program.