Emily Treats an Infant
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Emily and the other residents complete evaluations of Dr. Bandari. Emily writes an honest review and tries to get it out of Chief Dupre's office before he has a chance to read it. This, however, leads to Tyra learning of her father's affair and Emily's complicity in covering it up.

Cassandra extends an olive branch to Emily at Will's request, at least until she learns that Emily asked Will not to date her.

Tyra comes out to her father.

Emily Owens, M.D.
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Emily Owens, M.D. Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Emily: We'll just take it slowly. The whole friendship thing.
Cassandra: Sounds good.

Cassandra: He's just so freaking sexy.
Emily: [to herself] No, please don't talk about...
Cassandra: You know? I was actually nervous about sleeping with him the first time.
Emily: [to herself] And there it is.
Cassandra: I thought it might be a let down. It's not.