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Lucious struggles to finish writing the song he is going to perform at the tribute concert. He searches for Cookie to help him, unaware that she is off in the mountains with Malcolm. 

Once Lucious finds out about Cookie and Malcolm, he kicks Cookie out of the company effective immediately. 

Meanwhile, Hakeem is still upset with his father over buying Camilla off, so he sabotages a performance with Snoop Dogg. This leads to Lucious punching him in the face and Hakeem threatening to leave Empire.

Andre considers quitting after spending more time with Michelle at church. 

Lucious goes to Jamal and asks for help in overcoming his writers block. Jamal agrees in exchange for Lucious letting Cookie back into the company. Jamal takes Lucious to their old Philadelphia home where the two collaborate on a song. 

Lucious tells Jamal he has to go to Baretti and get him to give up the masters to Lucious's songs. Jamal goes to Baretti during a party and threatens him by dangling him over the balcony. At this party, Lucious sees Hakeem and Anika together. 

After mysterious symptoms not associated with ALS pop up, Lucious is told he was misdiagnosed. While under some heavy medication, Lucious begins talking in his sleep and reveals he killed Bunkie, while Cookie looks on. 

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Empire Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Oh, you workout.

Cookie [to Malcolm]

I need Cookie. You gotta find me Cookie.

Lucious [to Becky]