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Lucious invites the family to dinner to tell them about his engagement to Anika. Cookie mistakes the dinner reservation for something else and shows up in lingerie. 

After hearing that Elle Dallas, a former Empire star, is going to be let go from the label, Cookie asks to manage her. After a rocky start, Cookie tasks Elle with shedding all of the stuff she is hiding behind in order for her sound to come out. 

While Michael struggles with his role in Jamal's life, Cookie starts promoting "Keep Your Money". After a tweet gets the song trending, Jamal does an interview where he reveals that there is no one special in his life. 

Later, an old friend named Olivia shows up and tells Jamal that his daughter wants to meet him. 

Vernon asks Lucious if he was involved in Bunkie's murder and Lucious confesses. He tells Lucious he will cover it up and he also asks him to increase security. Vernon goes to Andre and berates him for covering for Lucious. 

Vernon goes to a lawyer and gets him to get one of his clients facing murder charges to confess to Bunkie's murder in exchange for a payout to his family. They find a man to confess and Bunkie's murder is covered up. 

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Empire Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Vernon: Did you do it?
Lucious: Did I do what?
Vernon: Did you kill Bunkie?

So let me get this straight, last Wednesday you come to my house and give me a rose after you propose to this bitch?

Cookie [to Lucious]