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Lucious and Cookie pick up where they left off and Cookie asks Lucious to leave Anika for her, which he agrees to do. Cookie also suggests that Lucious and the boys do a legacy album, where they will collaborate on a song together. 

Lucious likes the idea and hires a photographer, Ryan, to tape the process of making the album and record the upcoming white party. Ryan asks Jamal out on a date and pushes him to be true to himself. 

When Anika confronts Lucious about sleeping with Cookie, Lucious asks for forgiveness and agrees to move their wedding date up to that weekend. 

While recording the song, Cookie and Hakeem butt heads but Hakeem finally reveals that he harbors ill-will towards Cookie because he believes she loves Jamal more than him. They have a breakthrough and Hakeem uses their truce to ask Cookie if he can have the last verse on the song. Cookie obliges, but once she meets Camilla and determines that it was Camilla's idea, she isn't pleased. 

At the white party, Jamal sings his version of the family song and changes the lyrics, essentially coming out to the world. The family is extremely receptive, minus Lucious. 

Vernon comes up with a plan to have Andre voted in as interim CEO of Empire, in case the current CEO becomes incapacitated at any point. At the board meeting, Lucious votes against him and then later informs Andre that he doesn't trust him. Later, Andre sits alone in the recording studio and pulls the trigger on a gun but it doesn't go off. 

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Empire Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Cookie: You want Cookie's nookie, ditch the bitch.
Lucious: I'll do it. I'll ditch her.
Cookie: Promise me?
Lucious: I promise I'll get rid of her.

You still got it, old head.

Cookie [to Lucious]