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As Lucious and Anika plan their wedding, Cookie interrupts them and reveals that Anika and Baretti are working together. Anika leaves Lucious and claims that she's done putting up with his bad behavior. As a Creedmoor employee, Anika attempts to take as many artists as she can from Empire over to Creedmoor. 

Baretti hopes to bring Lucious down once and for all, but Anika is unable to tell him about Lucious's ALS diagnosis, for fear it will ruin her father. 

Lucious and the family work to keep their Empire artists, with Cookie reaching out to hardcore rapper Royale-T. Meanwhile, Jamal meets with fellow artist Delphine, who greatly admires his courage in coming out. 

At the office, Andre, Jamal and Hakeem get stuck in an elevator together and Andre starts to breakdown. Jamal calms the situation by reminding Andre of a song he used to sing when they were kids. 

Later, Cookie and Hakeem go to Tiana to make sure she isn't thinking about joining Creedmoor, while Lucious and Jamal hope to get Delphine signed with Empire. 

In the meantime, Lucious has ordered Malcolm to make sure Andre doesn't leave the office. After Andre begins flying off the handle and can't be calmed down, the paramedics are called and he is placed under a 48 hour psychiatric hold. 

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Empire Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

When a man like me says hear me out, you hear me out cause your life could depend on it.

Lucious [to Anika]

Anika: This is not even me. I am not a treacherous person, Lucious. But you, you, have twisted my love and made it some awful thing.
Lucious: I was wrong. But I'm scared. I'm dying. And you have to understand, when a man in my position says please, it means something. Please I need you to tell me what you planned with Baretti so I can fix it.