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Hakeem has a press conference about being the new CEO of Empire and he lets reporters know that his family will be at the forefront. A reporter questions the lack of Lucious in his statements and Cookie has to butt in before Hakeem says something he'll regret. 

Hakeem speaks with Lauren and Camilla walks in, but she makes it clear she wants rid of Lauren and Hakeem questions why Mimi is still around. Camilla reassures him that everything she's doing, she's doing for them and they'll rule the roost when Mimi goes. 

The family try to speak to Hakeem about things with Camilla, but makes it clear that he has a plan and to leave it with him. 

When Camilla doesn't sign off on Tiana's tour, Cookie realizes that if Menage a Trois go on tour with her, Camilla would probably agree because it means that Lauren would be well away from Hakeem. She agrees. 

Hakeem films a sex tape involving him and Camilla to send to Mimi to drive a wedge between the two women, but Lucious gets a shock when he shows up and Camilla has taken care of Mimi and she's lifeless in the tub. Lucious then forces Camilla to take the cyanide in order to die. 

Andre accuses Rhonda of cheating on him when she spends a night at Cookie's office when she gets some intel on Camilla. 

Jamal finds his life turned upside down when he learns that his father was the one who orchestrated the whole plot with his fans going against him.

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Empire Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Boy, you better do what we discussed if you wanna stay alive let alone stay on as CEO.


Journalist: Excuse me, you never mentioned Lucious.
Hakeem: Who's Lucious?