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Andre rejoins Empire and Lucious throws a lavish party at work, complete with alcohol and dancers, leaving Andre uncomfortable. 

At Lyon Dynasty, Tiana has a photo shoot and while waiting to leave, she is robbed by two girls who steal her purse. Later, a video pops up showing three people in masks, going through Tiana's bag and attempting to extort money from Dynasty. 

Jamal and Ne-Yo collaborate on a song and afterwards they debate the pros and cons of having Michael go out on tour with Jamal. 

Andre decides he wants to be baptized and the pastor suggests that before he does so, he confess his sins to his family. 

Jamal and Micheal meet with the photographer from the Rolling Stone article, who later makes a move on Jamal. Jamal rebuffs his advances. Later, Jamal catches Michael and the photographer in a compromising position. 

Cookie hires a concert promoter, who isn't afraid of the Tiana situation. While they are at the studio, two men break in and attempt to steal Lyon Dynasty's masters. When questioned as to who sent them, they confess it was Thirsty. 

Andre goes to his brothers and asks them to come to his baptism, after admitting to Jamal that he was the one who sent the guys to rob him last season. Later, Andre goes to his father and asks him to come to his baptism as well. 

After being inspired by Frida's rap, Lucious joins his family at the church for Andre's baptism but remembers a traumatic experience from his childhood and leaves before the ceremony is over. 

While Hakeem is jogging, he is kidnapped by men wearing the same masks as those worn in the extortion video. 

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Empire Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Hakeem: You really think Vernon offed himself?
Cookie: Look, where we from, if snitches don't kill themselves, somebody else will.

Andre, nice to see you without a shovel.