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Rhonda wakes up at the bottom of the stairs. Her head is bloodied and she tries to move, but it's too painful. She prays that her baby is alive and says she doesn't care what becomes of her, she just wants her baby to make it out of this ordeal. 

She notices her cell phone and pushes herself over to it, but when she gets it, it's smashed. She wonders how to escape and throws the phone at the front door, which signals her home alarm. 

Lucious is reeling after the takeover of the company and tries to think of ways to get it back. Thirsty tells him that they can spring into action just now and get it back, but Dre says it's too soon. Camilla bursts in with the police and she and Lucious have an argument, before he leaves. 

Cookie attacks Jamal after what he did, before going to see Lucious. She falls asleep next to him and when she wakes up, she finds Lucious thinking of what to do and he says it isn't going to be pretty. Cookie agrees. 

She goes to visit the company and tries to reel Hakeem in, but he's having none of it and Camilla is relishing this rare opportunity. 

Dre shows up at the hospital and is heartbroken to learn that his child has died. Hakeem shows up and Cookie chases him away from the hospital. 

After much back and forth, Cookie takes Dre and Jamal with her to meet up with Hakeem and lets him know that Lyon Dynasty will be taking over Jamal's album because the contract is split 50/50 and it didn't state which company would release the album. 

Camilla threatens a lawsuit, but Cookie quips back that she can try it. Cookie then makes Hakeem an offer to let her and his brothers return to the company and he accepts it. He wanted the company for them without Lucious' intervention. 

Camilla is furious, but most of the Lyons are back at Empire. 

Cookie gives Lucious Lyon Dynasty to work with in the mean time. 

Earlier, he got revenge on all the board members. 

Anika visits Rhonda in hospital and acts shady to her. 

Hakeem goes to see Lauren sing and tells her he doesn't like her and that she's horrible. The other two band members agree and leave. 

Later, he apologizes and the two of them sleep together for the first time.

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Empire Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Cookie: Why? Why would you do this to our family?
Hakeem: I didn't do it to the family. I did it to him.

Get the charter 'cause I am going nowhere.