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Lucious and Cookie try to work out a way in order to keep their enemies at arm's length and it starts by Cookie visiting Shine Johnstone. 

Shine was a man that the Lyon family wronged several years ago. He made a deal with Cookie to cut his nephew a record deal. Cookie reluctantly accepts. 

Back at Empire, the family got a shock when Anika tried to throw herself from the building because the FBI try to subpoena her. This leads to the family accepting her as one of their own. 

Rhonda runs in to attack her for throwing her down the stairs and the family brush it all off. 

At the wedding, a fight breaks out and it leads to Lauren calling the whole thing off and leaving with her family. 

Anika gets served and is forced to marry Lucious to prevent it from going to court. 

Rhonda attacks Anika and Anika confirms that she was the one to throw her down the stairs. The two of them have a crazy fight and it ends with one of them falling over the balcony to a certain death. 

Andre storms in and notices straight away what has happened, but we don't find out who.

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Empire Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

You keep squeezing my arm and i'm going to check your damn mouth with my foot.


I knew I heard your voice you evil bitch.