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Andre continues to see his grandmother in private, but he is alarmed when she starts shouting at people in the nursing home. 

He takes her to meet the family at an ASA rehearsal, but they are shocked to the core to learn that the woman isn't so dead. 

Lucious makes it clear to Andre that he has made a huge mistake, but Andre brushes it off. 

When they are leaving, Andre notices Thirsty taking her and gets out his car to argue, but his grandmother says she wants to go home with Lucious. 

Andre lets this happen. 

Later, she makes cakes for Lucious and it's then that she shows her wicked ways. 

Rhonda realizes that Anika is the one who pushed her down the stairs. 

Jamal and an ASA worker start a relationship, but Jamal is conflicted when the guy doesn't want to come out. Later, Jamal tells him he's cool with it. 

Carol speaks to Candice about telling Cookie the truth about getting Lucious to have people killed, but Candice is against telling her because she will go crazy. 

An FBI agent hears the two of them talking and makes friends with Carol who lets him buy her a drink.

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Empire Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Look, whatever it is you came for, Candice, I ain’t got time.


Hey Hakeem, got a verse for me?