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The Lyon family are at Camilla's funeral. Hakeem gets up to speak and announces that Rhonda has taken over Camilla's job with the company. 

Hakeem goes to his office and Lucious is there. He taunts him about killing Camilla and it leads Hakeem to say that he didn't. 

Cookie and his brothers appear and Cookie says they need to keep the peace. 

On Tiana's tour, she gets mad at Lauren for cutting into her set and changing things at the last minute. Lauren apologizes. Hakeem shows up and he gets to meet Lauren's parents and it makes him sad that his family aren't close like hers. 

Lucious is making a video for his song and wants this one to be an honest portrayal of how he became the man he is today and it led to Cookie finding out about his past. 

Cookie helped him press on with the video because she knows how much it means to him. Freda isn't impressed that her part in the song has been cut and goes to work with Jamal who she sings with. 

The two of them get on surprisingly well and decide to record a song together. 

Hakeem goes back to see Lauren and proposes to her. She says yes, but Tiana looks on in confusion.

Cookie wants her family together for her first birthday on the outside, and Lucious holds a surprise party for her, but tensions flare when Cookie shows them his video and Andre realizes that his grandma had bi polar. 

An argument kicks off and Rhonda leaves, getting into a car with Anika who is more than happy that Rhonda's done with the family and she takes her in.

Cookie gets a shock when she finds out that Freda is Frank's daughter.

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Empire Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Lucious: Thank god you killed her.
Jamal: I didn't kill her.

I was just keeping your seat warm for you, son.